Saturday, 12 December 2009


One day in One Borneo before Christmas!

Baby and I were planning to go shopping today but he’s late to fetch me up from office. Hmph.

By that time he fetched me, it’s raining heavily and my legs are all wet :( and I hate when my legs and foots are wet. Well, at least I’m happy because he come to me and covers my head with umbrella and bring me to the car.

When we reached One Borneo, there are full of people. Sales everywhere but I didn’t buy anything on that day. We took some pictures from the top floor to the ground floor and shoot some Christmas decorations all around the Centre Atrium. It is beautiful and different from the design last year. I thought they are going to decorate the same but nope. This time, Santa Clause has his big chair on the stage with kids who desire to take pictures with Mr. Santa. Wonderful! I haven’t seen such thing in KK yet, this time is the first.

Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree.
It's teddy bears!

We had KFC for dinner because we never had KFC together before and that is why he wants to see how I eat with my fingers. Anyway, Christmas trees are decorated with pink and chocolate teddy bears as the ornaments. It is very pretty indeed and creative too. There are snow flakes and angels all around One Borneo. Opps, not to forget this part! There are artificial snows as well!

Guess what?
I have my name on the Santa list.
The Good ones!
Did you find your name as well??

Before going to the parking, we saw something new in One Borneo. An Arching place, RM9 per game!
Maybe I should give a try on this? You should!

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