Thursday, 31 December 2009


How to make my own Chocolate?

Yums yums.
Guess what? It's NEW YEAR tomorrow!
So, I have decided to make chocolates for Aldrich. Well, it's quite easy to do.

Now listen.
I re-cook the chocolate which use to make cakes because thats the only BIG chocolate that I've found.
But before that I have to cut the really HARD chocolate into really thin pieces.
I have to melt the chocolate and I made two different flavour. One with milk, and another one is without milk. Therefore, the one with milk is more delicious but its harder then the one without milk!

So, did you see the raisins and some sunflower seeds and nuts?
That one I use it to decorate a 'Love' shape on the chocolate!
I have made the chocolates in different sizes and I used the shaper to make cookies as a support!
Brilliant idea?

Picture Below: This is how I do chocolate!
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