Saturday, 5 December 2009


The Surprise from Aldrich

This afternoon when I’m with Caren my dear, Aldrich called me when we were having our lunch. Okay, let me just type what we talked on the phone.

Blue is him and Pink is me. That’s our colour haha!

“Hello?”, I said.
“Hello… where you?”
“I’m having lunch with Caren now. How about you?”
“Har? You eat again?”
“Yes. Just now eat a bit only because I know I will have lunch with Caren”
“Okay, tell you what, I’m in the airport now and I’m going back to KK!”


“Probably you are just lying. Your flight is on the 7th.”
“Really wooo… hehehe”
“No. Don’t think I’m still a kid k?”
“No wooo.. I really am coming back!”
“If you really in the airport, why there are no announcement from the airport?”
“Har? Really wooo I’m coming back! Are you happy?”
“No… because you are lying duh.”
“Why oh? This is a surprise!”
“I think you just sending your friend’s flight”
“No no noo.. it’s my flight!”
“Okay, you shut up first. Don’t talk. I wanna listen to your environment.”


*Bla bla blaaa (Announcement from Kuching Airport)*

“Okay, I believe you.”
“Hehehehhehehehehhhe. Are you happy?”
"When you talk, no announcement. When you diam, got announcement. Ish!"
"So are you happy or not!??!?!!?"
“Err… okay la.” (cause I don't wanna make him proud lols)

*Caren laughing there because I was too cool*

“Okay la only? Why????”
“Because it’s weird to give me surprise now when you are still in kuching but not surprise me in KK”
“You know why I don’t surprise you in KK?”
“Why la?”
“Because I know if I step in to my house, my brothers will sms you for sure. Then there will be no surprise.”
“Ceh, you thought they are so 38 meh…”
“Really mahhh… sure they will sms”
“Fine, let’s bet then!”
“Yerrr.. are you happppyyyyy??? I’m coming backkkk!!!!”
“Well, ok ok la.. cause it’s really half way loooo”
"Ishhh... haha your head"

Then it all continue...

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