Thursday, 17 December 2009


Birthday Dinner at Gunter’s Gasthaus

Wonderful German dishes are here in Gunter’s! Ok! Let me tell you slowly.

Once we reach there, we walk in slowly to see around the house with some Christmas decorations. Christmas trees are decorated with blue lights and red ornaments. This includes the decorations inside of the house, blue reindeer on the table.

Salad is self service so you can take as many as you want but have to finish it.

Now is the Mushroom soup. God! You should try this! I love this soup. You will not get the same taste out there but just Gunter’s Gasthaus. Creamy, delicious, and gosh my saliva is coming out.

This is the Chicken and Beef Penne Pasta. I love the beef more because the Chicken is quite out of the taste but beef, I can still taste the taste of tomato and beefs.

Left: Chicken and Right: Beef

Brinjal with Rice. This is new for me because I never try this of course but it is nice because it’s like bruchetta only it’s brinjal. There are sliced tomato as the topping with rice beneath and creamy sauce at the side. Then makes you go ‘hmmm’. My eldest sister wants to get another plate but no more from the kitchen. It looks like muscles right?

Pork Leg is the last! This is my first time eating this as well because it’s quite expensive for me to order that. Almost RM50. But, it is worth to eat this dish because the pork leg is full of meat! Mash potato lay beneath the whole. Buurrrpp! We’re so full!

Thanks for the dinner!!!

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