Tuesday, 8 December 2009



Fukurou is a Japanese Restaurant that located in Damai Plaza. Yums Yums.
Fukurou Japanese Restaurant
Block B, Lot 19, Ground Floor
Damai Point

It is a new restaurant and I went in there for the first time. *Yeah!*

We were having some drinks in Yoyo Café but Meatball scares us hungry so she ordered take away for all of us. We are eating at the back of Yoyo Café. Haha. At first when I step into the restaurant, I thought it is extremely expensive to dine in but then when I see the menu; it’s like expensive few cents like RM0.50 or maybe some dollar. Meatball ordered few, three types of sushi. It cost RM40+ but then we paid for RM26.30 because I applied for the member card right away just to get the 30% off. It’s pretty! And for now, there are 30% off for members. So, why not?

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