Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Spontaneously plan by Liliy

I forward a sms to Liliy, something about 2012 bla and bla. So, once she receive, she msn me and ask “Are you there?” and I say “Yupes!”

She was saying that she wanted to go for a drink because she’s having a heat and she asked me whether I can accompany her and of course I say yes! Haha.

She fetched me and we head to Yen Ai at Lintas. That is the first time I go near to the newly opened Upperstar. Lots of people there, full house! Liliy and I were playing with the camera and she shot some leng zhais from the back. They are looking at Upperstar actually.

She ordered erm.. Fu zhuk yi mai and another one which I forgotten the name. Haha. So Liliy! You have to help me with this when you read this post! I ordered Sea Coconut drink.

Wow! I just realise all paragraph starts with 'she' HAHA!

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