Friday, 4 December 2009


Wondering how my birthday will be

Nothing gets to me today but I wonder how my birthday will be.

Days by days past and I didn’t know whether am I afford to make myself a party for my 21st. It’s 21 and I wish to make it more special since I seldom celebrated my birthdays.

I remembered one of my pictures holding the cake knife as I wanna cut the birthday cake is during my kinder garden days and we celebrated with my sister’s because she is on the 7th December and I’m in the 6th December. Nopes, we are not twins. We are in the gap of 2 years difference.

I never really celebrated with friends actually because my birthday is on December. During my days in High school, it’s a holiday for everybody. Until I met my friends in KL, further my studies for Quantity Surveying in Tar College. Then, I get to celebrate with friends (Drex). Well, it was quite a memorable moments. We had a Steamboat buffet dinner for all back in 2006, taking lots and lots of pictures together. For me, Drex is like brothers and sisters. And I do miss them lots because they really care each other.

In 2007 get a new house there in condominium and meet housemates. My housemates are great and I love them. We cook for each other, and I really do miss every moment I swim everyday until 10pm. Okay, my housemates surprised me with a cake and we went out for supper on the 5th December just to countdown my birthday and I remembered that day, was quite an unforgettable day to me because bad things happened right before my birthday, 5 hours before twelve midnight. Well, I know it’s quite sometime already and it’s better that we move on together and stay strong. Human look forward and not look backward and this is how we grow. I will support you in everything you do. Just don’t give me another ‘N/A’ sign to represent you.

So, 2008 I celebrated with Aldrich. It is a surprise for me that he brought me to Gunter’s and that’s my first time stepping in. Going to Gunter’s its like going in your own house. Had a little sweet and romantic time together face to face and dine together. It’s a bungalow you see, so it’s something like a ‘dream’. Then, he bought me cakes from Hyatt.

This year? I wonder how, who, what, where, when I should make it. Can I afford to spend on dinners? I did save money for making things work actually. Aldrich is coming back on the 7th December, so it’s impossible to celebrate my birthday.

How… can I make this happen?

Wondering wondering.
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