Thursday, 3 December 2009


That Mural Thingy makes is so FUN!

Hello to all again!

So, one whole day INTIMA when out from morning till late afternoon. In the morning, we went to Heng Loong in Warisan Sqaure. We had our breakfast there! I thought that the 50% off offers still on that is why we decided to go there but then, it ends. Well, it’s ok just that we ordered few things to eat only. I ordered the Fried Ramen which cost RM14+, Jenette and Kimberly ordered the Ramen with Deep Fry Pork and Chicken. Eric ordered the Soya Bean (Cold) and shares the tea with us. Then, together we share the Shang Hai Xiao Loong Bao! Yums!

Picture Below: The drinks! Soya bean and Tea
Picture Below: Fried Ramen Seafood
Picture Below: Deep fried Pork and Chicken and Shanghai Xiao Loong Bao

After breakfast, we went to Suria Sabah to check it out since Metrojaya is having a soft opening today! Just Metrojaya. The decoration is nice and it reminds me of the moments that I stay in Kuala Lumpur. Well, at least Suria Sabah is located in town. It totally eases the difficulties of travelling far or something else. Metrojaya got this Christmas feel now! Pretty and nice and it has 50% off for selected brand and I saw GUESS got offers as well!

Then, we went to Tong Hing Supermarket and bought some drinks from San Francisco and some snacks like chocolates and sandwiches. OMG! I just remember that I left one sandwich in the fridge and didn’t eat yet. I think someone ate it or throw it. Haha.

Okay, next station… S. M Stella Maris. This is the second time that I went in to this high school. Continue our task for the Mural Drawing! Unfortunately, we are late. So, once we reach there, we straight away do our works. And look at the results!

After the Mural Drawing, we had to Grace Point just to avoid traffic jams. This is the end!
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