Tuesday, 29 December 2009


How to make bun?

I didn’t realize how HARD and how EXCITING to make bun!
Well, it’s not hard tho. Just need lots and lots of energy to make firm dough.

This time, Maria taught me again with all of her knowledge!
So, this is it!

1 egg
Half pack of Yeast
100 Water
30g Sugar
30g Butter
250g Flour

So first, combine Sugar, Butter, and Egg together.
Water and the Yeast mix together in a different bowl and stir it until fully combined.
Then, put in the flour and mix it all together.
You will feel that the dough is heavy at first after combined but then it will slowly become light!

Now it’s time to tell you how to make little bun!
Spread a little butter on the tray!
Then make little bun!
But after you form a little bun shape then don’t touch it for 15 minutes to make the yeast do its work.
Bake it for about 4 minutes.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Picture Below: To measure
Picture Below: The Yeast
Picture Below: The doug
Picture Below: The putting the buns to oven
Picture Below: Waiting.... Puuff!
Picture Below: Sardin Bun!

Yummy? Try it yourself!
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