Friday, 25 December 2009


Kundasang Trip just for the kids Part3

Kinabalu Park it’s a place which have the most beautiful view of our Mount Kinabalu. It is clear when it is in a good weather but somehow when it is raining then unfortunately you won’t have the chance to enjoy the view. Every climber do come here and get ready because the starting point is in this park.

Well, I never get the chance to climb Mount Kinabalu but for sure that one day, one day I will climb it until the top (if I can reach). How I wish I can go but daddy said that I must have a full training before going. Yet, I still think that I’m okay to climb now as I did exercise regularly.

Ehhh.. Papa?
.......No. No. No..

I didn't get to see Mount Kinabalu because it's raining... :(
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