Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Cowboy night

Yesterday I went to a private party organised by a dance teacher. She is teaching line dance and of course her dance are more to country songs other than the dance classes that I went before somewhere in the area of Likas because they dance using more to fast movements. They even dance the song sang by N’sync. To see the sample of the dance which I said about in Likas, press the link below.

>>Faster line dance I mention<< For your information, the theme in this private party is Cowboy. We have to dress ourselves as a cowboy for all male and cowgirl for every female.
I tried to mix and match with a big shirt that my 2nd sister aka Meatball (she will start blogging again) gave it to me few years ago and of course cowgirl need to wear boots. So, I took out my pink colour boots. More, every person of my family bought a cowboy hat for themselves and it cost RM9.90. How cheap and nice. I can even modify it (if I have the time and not lazy to do DIY it)

Well, the whole party is also more to a Christmas Dinner.
We had buffet where they served Chicken wings, Vegetables, Chicken Curry, Basung (a kind of small fish), Fruits, and Drinks. Lol…

They danced every Christmas songs which is more to country as I said earlier. Every song they played is nice. Some of the Christmas songs I haven’t really heard before as well.

Now here, I really want to say is that I am impressed of every single dancers at that night. They are generally middle age people but most of them they are full of energy! Some of them really can shake their butt well and their body really flexible. The night starts at 7.30pm and off at 11.30pm.

P/s: The middle age people are more energetic than I do

The only dance I had is Poco-Poco (most simple)

Picture Below: ChloeTiff in Cowgirl suits
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