Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve is different from before.
This year, Baby brought me to his church and it was my very first time to attend Good Samaritan's Service.

In the afternoon, he decided to bring me along for present hunt again. He fetch me at 3pm and before that, I saw one of the uncle at my shop area had a nose bleeding and it was bad. I tried my best to help him a little by not being afraid of blood this time. HE BLEED A LOT until it was like pipe water. Urgghh..

So, Aldrich and I bought the presents then we had home. We decided to wrap it after service. I gave him the Christmas cake that I baked this afternoon and he was happy about it I hope? Rushing to take my shower and wait for him to fetch me. I get ready early and stand outside before he come.

The night has come!
I didn't expect both of his grandma follows his car which make me a little panic. Yes.. I never officially meet them. Well, got in the car and called both elders (for manners).. Guess what's funny? Here's a conversation..

Popo: Audrey, why don't bring your friend ah?
Audrey: You ask her la (point at me while sms bf)
Me: *Look at Popo blur blur*
Popo: Why you don't bring your friend la?
Audrey: You ask her la.. she sitting here now mah
Me: *Look at Audrey phone to give signal*
Popo: Har? *Look at me and point to the phone* You brother meh?
Me: Har? What my brother? *Look at Aldrich*
Audrey: *Blur Face*
Popo: *Laugh* Hahahahahha

Actually Popo was asking Audrey about why she don't bring her bf like her brother did.. but Audrey make us all blur. That was the first big laugh I had in the car.

Reached and walked down to enter the church, Audrey point to her brothers and they laugh at me. I was like.. *why laugh at me... -_-* I really don't understand why the brothers like to smile at me like they are teasing me. Are you? Naughty boys la both of you.

I wanted to say it that, I got the feelings back just like in FCC. I rise my hands, feel the unknown feelings and more. I want this back and it came back to me.

After service, I realise that I haven't meet Aldrich's dad and mom.
They are busy preparing the refreshments and finally his dad came and shake hands with me. Lastly, there comes his mom. His mother was busy until I can't really talk to her this time and I don't want to bother her. So sad.. but never mind because aunt was the one who ask baby to bring me to the Christmas Eve service. Thank you!

Sent the elders back first and Aldrich ask me to wait in his house.
OMG! First time and I talk to one of the grandma because the Christmas cake that I gave to Aldrich need to put it in the fridge. My mum gave him the BonneyM Christmas disc too which grandma nearly put it together in the fridge (she didn't realise there's a cd).

I looked at the four siblings babies photos.
You know what? It looks... the same.
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