Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Happy new year eve!

Guess what I had for dinner?

Why we have turkey for New Year Eve?

This is because if you order turkey for Christmas, it will not be so delicious and it will be hard/ dry. New Year eve only few people will order because the chef will stay focus on few turkeys only rather then hundred of turkeys. Lol.

What more you had for New Year Eve?

Well, I make mushroom soup with additional mushrooms. My 3rd sister, MeiTzeu make the mash potato, while dad is the one who help to wash, slice, and boil the potato. 2nd sister, Meatball helps to make a call to Pizza Hut and ordered two-two Lasagna and Coleslaw.

Did you countdown?

Nope. I didn’t but Aldrich made it to come my house and bring me out for a while to buy something then go back home to accompany me by watching movie the continuing part of Stay Connected in my laptop. He drank my soup while we were watching as well which make me happy.

What you do in few minutes to New Year?

We talked about us. Saying about what we will have in 2009. Some more, we talked about something that to achieve goals because of his previous results. More, we talk about the past that we had that when we quarreled, angry, sad, all those which is bad we just have to change it and improve it. I love you baby. I'll be there for you when you need me.

Picture Below: Picture of the day and End of the year
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