Saturday, 13 December 2008


How are you Chloe?

I'm not intelligent and I'm dying waiting for my results.

Somehow, I felt I'm over acting this few days. No... It's been a week. Is it because I just turn to 20? Well, I just birthday right?! Lol! My fierce side keep coming back all over again just like before. I improved to compare to the erm.. "Secondary school times".

Guess I need to control again!

Here I would like to apologize to my darling baby dear..

Baby, I'm so so extremely sorry for this week that I'm over acting. I know that I'm fierce (of course), yet I still can't control my anger. When it's stops and you start saying the wrong word, it comes again. Urrrgghh! Felt so.. grumpy me!

Some more, one of my family members are urrrrgghh! Don't wanna talk about it but she broke my key chain without saying a word 'Sorry'. This is call irresponsible.

Hmm.. but It's really unfair that you keep ignore me baby, put me aside like I'm nobody. I really don't want the same thing to be happen again. Consideration needed my baby.

Somehow I think back.. that I'm too much.
Wanted to control it but it's hard.
I guess, it's because I didn't go to church.
Yeah.. It's been a while..
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