Sunday, 14 December 2008


See my Christmas tree?

Note: Bought a clutch in pink and a hair band just now in One Borneo.

Picture Below: The Christmas Tree I decorated
As I told you before that I'm gonna post my christmas tree.
There you go. Simple and nice.
I really love it.

The Colour of the balls I only use one which is bronze where I bought it in Watson for RM15+ and the Christmas tree for RM80 after discount from RM89 haha. I bought the star one year ago I think and it's from KL and the shinning stars I bought it from Daiso, RM5 for 2.

Now, here's a question for you.
Why there's a star above the Christmas Tree?
Do you know it or should I tell you about it?

My dad says that it's the Star of David.
I told them is the Star of the New Born King (Jesus) where it leads the three person to find the new born child (Jesus).

Any Idea?
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