Tuesday, 16 December 2008



First of all.. Happy Birthday Crazy哥 haha
Sorry that I really couldn't SMS to wish you earlier because I was busy that time helping my mum in the shop so I can't online and I just reload.

Here's my story..

Today Aldrich and I planned to go out in the afternoon until night but his little brother SMS me yesterday night asking whether are we going out and I said 'yes'.

So, in the end I told Aldrich it's ok to let them go out and we take another day. What shocked me is that Aldrich gave me a weird eye contact. You know why? He told me that he thought I will get angry and so on because we planned it first but I let them have it.

Lastly he told me that 'Thank You' and I asked 'Why?'
Do you wanna know about it?

.................. Thank you for understanding my baby
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