Sunday, 28 December 2008


Confession of my broken heart.

Although Christmas had past, nothing special happened to me. No Christmas present from anyone but a present of anger and sadness.
Since we are together for 6 years my dear, but you still can’t take your strength to face your parents and I’m totally disappointed.

What I wanted, you always knew about it.
Every single little tiny mini thing that I have in my thoughts, you will knew it before I said it and I am happy for that because when I kept inside my heart without telling you of something that I doesn’t like, you knew it by yourself.

Somehow I wonder, was it my problem?
What is so hard to pick up my calls and talk in front of your parents? Not even dare to give me a SMS. What if, I mean ‘what if’ okay? What if I am giving you an emergency call? Will it be too late if something bad happened? Have you ever think about it?

I have no more energy to say the same matter to you over and over again. To tell the truth, I fed up and I hate to say it like almost everyday. More to say, I think you will also get bored to listen I say the same thing over a thousand times.

You told me you will change and I believe in you. For six years.
When I believe in you, can you make it?
That’s what you have to do and to make me feel protected.

This is the confession of my broken heart.
I love you
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