Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Embrace failure

Embrace failure. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual. Who have not failed before? I do. Everybody does.

Think about what I have encountered back in the days when I was in Kuala Lumpur pursuing my studies in Quantity Surveying, it is not what I have planned to do, but I just go with the flow saying that ‘I can do it’. Definitely, I still can manage the first and second year, but when it comes to the third year, I am doomed. Frankly speaking, I never learn Additional Mathematics in my secondary, but I learnt when I was taking my Diploma. Good news, I passed my finals even though it’s difficult for me to learn Add Math in Diploma level.

Somehow, things started to change. I started to fail a lot of my subjects, including the one that I was the Top 3 in the class in the Building Services subject. Oh Lord, that is unbelievable unacceptable. And I do remember, I was teaching my classmate on the same subject and for all the subjects that I am good in but guess what, I failed and they passed. When I received a phone call from them asking me “What do you get for your finals?” and I answered sadly, “I have failed Building Services”. And, this is what I get in return, “You didn’t study enough”. Well, this I will not forget.

How’s life in Kuala Lumpur? You got to be tough, strong, independent, and all those positive and encouraging words you can think of right now. Back in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is like a new life for me but I handle it positively. My parents gave me a choice of 3, either I should continue my studies to be a Singer, Musician, or study Tourism. Well, you guessed it right. I chose tourism and the reason is I love Sabah and I want the best for Sabah. If I have chosen Singing or Musical, I will not be staying in Sabah and for me, singing and playing musical instruments can be learnt slowly, which I did.

Now, look what failure did to me. It doesn’t mean that I am successful now. I will still continue to learn new things, listen to the people around me and continue take new experiences in life! I like true stories and real experiences. So, don’t stop when you fail. Stand up tall, look forward, and explore yourself again. Take up the challenge!

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