Friday, 28 August 2009


Porku Porku aka Yong Tauhu (☆Non Halal)

This is Yong Tauhu or Yong Taufu or Yong Taufoo.
The word ‘Yong’ means there will be meat stuffed either in the middle or inside.
My dad define “Yong” by saying that “It is the meat that had been tortured then squeeze into something”

Actually, I really don’t know what actual spelling for this dish but this is one of the dishes by the Hakka people. For me, Hakka foods are nice because they tend to add meat in the middle or in the vegetables such as the brinjal, bittercot, and few more. Then will be cook with sauce or else it will never be dry.

The meat, you can either use minced pork and garlic only. Or else, you can also add up some shrimps. It’s really depends on the taste that you like. My dad loves to use minced pork with garlic and add up his own ingredients. Then my mom loves to use the minced pork with garlic and with shrimps. Well, you know, females always love to add some more like fashion. Clothes add up with a big big belt. Haha.

So, this is the Yong Tauhu that my God mother did and mom cooked the sauce at the end.
Well, definitely these pictures are not the sauce that I am talking about. This is just light soya sauce and black soya sauce that I added on the little plate. I curi (steal) one piece of tauhu out from the kitchen. If it is without the sauce that I put, it will not be pretty. Haha. Then I make it like the Yong Tauhu that can be served in Fine Dining Restaurant. Nice?

In fact, Yong Tauhu served only with light soya sauce and black soya sauce also nice and yummy!

Picture Below: Yong Tauuuuhu!

Picture Below: Me!!! Hahahaha!!

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