Sunday, 2 August 2009


Summary of my July

Oh God!
I'm sorry that I did not blog for weeks! I think a month.
Randy start complaint again haha!

Well, I'm quite busy of my works for assignments and tests. Almost everyday I have either test or assignments to pass up. I just prepare tests for days and assignments for weeks. Gosh. I wish I can fly now high above to the air and lying on the white white cloud. Then only I will feel totally free~
Now, who can bring me? lol!

Tell you what's going on this month then!

Ok, the bad ones start first.
Urgghh! I'm really unhappy and felt disrespectful last week.
Let me ask you guys, if your work had been rejected without any reasons, how will you feel? They didn't even look at your work at all and just return it back for saying that "I'm not satisfied with the works".

The reason for that is, they are not satisfied with the presentation by the first two groups. For me, it's OK because that is how we do our work and more we didn't know what the "management" wants. I just have bad feelings when they stopped me from presenting after the second group. By not reading at my report, they just commented it "The outside of this report is beautiful but the inside is xxxxxxx (something to do with the word 'sucks')"

Gosh! Every single information we get from the internet, they said that we need to include facts. Or, they just say "Do things according to what have stated in the paper". Then, during the day of presentation for my group which had been postponed for 4 days, I think my group did it very well because my team good and they put effort in it. When the "management" gave every single group few comments, they said that
"I am bored with the design of the tribe’s houses, give me the tribe's perhaps traditions or something." Urgh, according to the paper, the management didn't state there they want the traditions but features and benefits of the products. So, why do I need to include the traditions since you said we need to do things according to the paper before in our first presentation? Nahh…

Therefore, end up we have to rush our syllabus because of the extended presentation and re-do of project reports. Some more, next week is our final exams and I don’t think I can do well in this subject. I think... hopefully

I don’t think this is just one bad thing… but I’ll continue with the good ones!

The good ones are, I did my test well and satisfied with the marks that I get.

So short! LOL!

Ok ok plus one more..

My anniversary with my baby on 23 July 2009 and we had a great one by having our dinner at Gunter’s. I will update it once I finish up with my exams! And lots to update as well! HAHA!

Wait for it and I love you and miss you guys!

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