Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another Food Court in Wisma Merdeka

Remember the Pizza and Burger in the old Food Court area, Wisma Merdeka? After they revamped the whole food court area at the 2nd floor, it became like a kopitiam and few stalls have changed and the Pizza and Burger stall is gone.
I always love the Pizza and Burger stall. Their pizza and lil bun called pan are nice! Once I have found out its gone, I am so sad but hey, guess what. I have found it back! It is located at another new food court, 2nd floor, right side of the mall from the elevator.
Extremely happy and it is the same still. Now they have lasagna!

Friday, 27 July 2012

3Q Passionate from Ochado

Just bought this from Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.. like 5 minutes ago.

This time I feel like trying something new from Ochado because the first two times, I have been trying their milk tea. So hey, why not I try the sour ones.

Personally, I kinda like the drinks here since we get to choose the sugar level for our drinks. Normally, I will order 50% sugar.. which including this drink shown below. Sad case, it is still sweet. If next time you are going to order this drink, I will recommend lesser sugar than 50% or just get the 0% sugar. And they didn't squeze my kit chai + its sealed! I need to squeze it using my straw. Hmm..

Happy reading!
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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wasabi - New Japanese Restaurant in Hiltop

Well... It is time for some foodie post!

I first dine in this restaurant was... I think last few months. Make it this year then. It’s still a new restaurant though, not a lot of people notice still. During the openings are great of course but then the second time when I go during lunch time, I realized its quite expensive compared to other normal Japanese restaurants (please don’t compare to Nagisa or Nishiki in town).

I am a sushi lover that is why I always hunt for the best + good in value. *hehe*
So, there you go. Here is what I have ordered.

Chirashi set is delicious and the ingredients are fresh. But... the portion is not enough for a raw fish lover.
Overall for this restaurant: 3/5
I will be back!