Thursday, 30 April 2009


A pair of love birds

This few days, the weather is hot.
I felt I wanted to puke always and I have headaches.
So to all my friends, please be careful and take care always. Drink more water and better don't stand under the hot sun.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to talk about.
Meatball saw this first while she is waiting for her friend to fetch her. As she is waiting outside, she have a short walk and stand under the wooden garden.

She looked up the the columns and saw there are two birds there. She thought mum put fake birds as a decoration but suddenly one of the bird moved its head and stared at Meatball. Then Meatball shocked to see a fake bird moves the head. Haha. After that, she only knew its a real bird and its a couple bird.

By that time, I was going to start my cleaning (It's Sunday) and I stand by the piano. Meatball asked me to see the love birds and I took some pictures of them. I think the lady bird is having a baby.. So cute.

Picture Below: Kissing

Picture Below: Cari Kutu! hahha

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