Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Hong Kong Actor and Actress

Wow... Guess who I saw?

These days Hong Kong actress and actresses are coming in and out to Sabah for shooting their latest movie.

Well, is not only that I saw Aaron Kwok but I also saw Lo Jia Liang (in chinese). Both of them are leng zai and their skin complexes are nice. Wow... And more, I heard people said that Aaron's best friend Chi Lam also here but I didn't see him yet. Maybe will. Loll.

Now, first thing first!
I saw Lo Jia Liang at first on Sunday where we have to prepare for trip in somewhere between Beaufort and Sipitang. (I will post up some pictures of the trip. No Worries!)

That time, Lo Jia Liang aka Gallen was having a scene shoot at the Signal Hill where it is a tourist destination to see our beautiful land of Kota Kinabalu. Plus the lady actress are doing the scene with him. Cool and simple outfit. Loving it!

Second, is Aaron Kwok in Starbucks.
Well, it’s not a shooting scene but he is having his lunch.
Wearing hot sexy orange short pant and I'm surprised to see that he has a beautiful leg. Well cared and I'm so envy about them! Loll...

More to say, there's a office lady which is big size than Aaron Kwok. You know what she do? It's totally in-manners that she bow down (standing) and ask Aaron which he is still on his seat and enjoying his lunch. Totally humiliates people of Sabah!

Third, it was just a sms.
From my friend that he told me Aaron and Chi Lam are having their dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Lintas. Woooo~

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