Monday, 30 November 2009


December, coming.

Well, it's going to be December in any minute later.

This late afternoon, when I was sitting in daddy's car waiting to reach home, many comes into my mind. About tomorrow's Mural drawing, my 21st birthday to come, Aldrich coming back, and days to come. Yes, it rains today for the whole afternoon until now I can still listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Once December comes, it’s going to be 6 days to my birthday. Yet, I’m still have no idea of what to do on my birthday.
I never really celebrate my birthday except for the three years when I’m in Tar College Kuala Lumpur. Celebrated with my classmates D-Rex Group in the first year in Tar College and for the last birthday in KL they bought me three soft toys which I love it so so much and it is quite hard to bring it back from KL to KK because it comes with three different sizes. Of course, my lovely housemates celebrated with me together with Erin’s because she is on the 7th December. I do remember the last birthday in my last year in Kuala Lumpur. My housemate gave me a surprise but something bad had happen that day right before 4 to 5 hours to my big day and I couldn’t help it at all. Well, that time I must smile through my birthday ends.
Thanks sweets!

Well, few hours ago when I’m in the car. Lots of things are spinning round. In my thoughts. Yes.
And I just don’t know how say it out because it’s too much. Probably the position that I'm holding right now? Or money is the issue lately? Just couldn't find out which one. That's why I still have that 'silence' with me. Always.

Anyway, just for your information.
I just updated the November post. 1st and 2nd November. So, check it out.
Will update the rest tomorrow because the line is down and it’s quite difficult for me to upload the pictures.

Good night!
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