Saturday, 28 November 2009


Secret Recipe before New Moon

Heading to the cinema and wish to watch 2012 but then the time is just not right. When I reach the cinema, the staffs were saying that only 6pm have seats. Then, my friends and I decided to watch New Moon since it is showing in Hall 8. The new theater cinema which is huge and comfortable!

Guess I just have to watch it when there are VCD starts selling in the market. I’m not sure about it but who knows it will still be showing? I heard people start to change their attitude and behavior after they watch this movie, turning into a better person in fact. Well, I really hope that people could change into a better person and change this world into a better place.

So before we head to the cinema, we went for a walk and have some drinks in Secret Recipe. Here it goes. Pictures for today, cakes and drinks and us! We have Hazelnut Cheese Cake, Chocolate Indulgence which is my all time favourite, Caramel Macchiato, and Chocolate smoothies.

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