Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Nokia 5230 I'm loving it!

Hey guys. Come and have a look at this and please help me!!

I'm thinking to buy a new phone because my phones... Urgh.
One of them, the oldest one no sound that can come out so I didn't know how many miss calls I get.
Then, the one which meatball and mom replace with mine, its hard to sms because the keypad is  soooo hard!
My Sony Eicson, gosh! I didn't know how much did I spent on repairing this phone and yet still cannot be use till now. The screen are good now just the colour kinda weird. The keypad are now okay but still..... Line gone!

So, as my K-daddy read through the newspaper and I saw this advertisement!
NOKIA 5230~~~ and the advertisement shines infront of my eyes.

Yes yes.. it's new and I kinda interested in this phone.
The colours are nice where there are black, red, pink, green and blue.
I loveeeee the red, pink and blue.

So, have a look! and please please do tell me is this phone good? Because I kinda... lack of knowledge in reading those details and information. *Just to be honest* I just know some of it and more, what does the 'Memory' part says? It says there 'Card slot microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB' So, what does it means?

Do help me in this! Guide me pals! Tell me all about it and what you guys think! Should I or should I not?

Picture cerdits: http://www.gsmarena.com/

Oh ya guys!
This is the website that you might have a look and tell me about this Nokia 5230.

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