Saturday, 23 June 2012

Paris in Two Days.

Remember my last post? Yep, reaching Paris. Boujour!

Well, we arrived Paris around 7.30pm (Paris time) from London by Eurostar. Along the way, I enjoyed the view outside the train window. Nice green grass blew side to side. Whilst others are actually sleeping.
It is really funny when we reached Gare du Nord. We were confused of the time because in the ticket written that we will arrive in 3 hours. But due to the time difference from London is +1. Well, you will understand when you are in my situation.

Reached Gare du Nord, we prepared ourselves for safety purposes as Gare du Nord is one of the main train station. We took a taxi to our hotel and it costs about €20. The taxi driver is nice and friendly. He gave us a brief idea of where is most of the attractions located. Once we reached our hotel, checked in, then get ready for dinner. It was raining that night and we can't do much. So, we just rest for the night and we planned for our Plan B because most of the business owners here told us to be careful.

As I have took lots of brouchers, lucky we manged to figure out something. Since we only have one full day in Paris, we have decided to take Hop on Hop off buss tour. To be easy, really. We took L' Open Tour (Lime Green Bus) and followed the green line. Green line visits most of the main attraction.
Now, this is how we start our day.

Walk to the nearest Metro Station and we visited Musee du Louvre (Louvre Museum). Its better to visit the Louvre in the morning because there are a lot of people lining up! You will be 'amazed'. Let me give you an idea, if you really wanted to visit The Louvre, better planned which floor/ section that you want to visit because you can't visit all floors! Its too big. So, I brought mom to visit Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Italian Paintings, Spanish Paintings, and more. After that, we just took a rest outside the Piramid.

After visiting Musee du Louvre, we followed L' Open Tours as we have planned the night before. We were so lucky because the bus just stopped in front of The Louvre. Oh ya, we bought the ticket on board. You can try it too next time! No worries. And before we go on board, we saw few polices were arresting pick pockets. So, beware.

Sitting on top of the bus is quite hot as the sun is quite strong yesterday but it was windy. Enjoying Paris view on top of the bus is quite interesting and I managed to get few nice shots. Next stop, we decided to stop at Cathedral Notre Dame. This is the church that I long to go since young. Visiting inside was a bless and silent prayer are made. Interior of the Notre Dame is really nice. You can stay there longer for prayer if you have time. We left early and had lunch nearby where we finally found d'escargot.

The restaurant is located at the back of the church on the left. Esmeralda is the name of the restaurant. First, we were attracted by the sandwiches displayed outside the restaurant and they sell Crepes. Once we asked if they sell d'escargot, we decided to stay and dine in. It took almost 20 minutes for us to think what should we get and we love the foods that we have ordered. Actually, we are addicted to the d'escargot. The person who serves us are friendly and I took a picture of him before we left.

Then, we waited at the bridge for the next coming bus. Passing by Champ Elysee, Arc de Triumph, up to Eiffel Tower, we dropped by and walked closer to the magnificent artwork. Spent sometime there to see the details of the Eiffel Tower before we hopped on to another bus. Explored Paris with L' Open Tour green line before we head back to hotel. Rest a little while and charged my camera battery for the important night view, Eiffel Tower.

Dinner was great! Cute waiter took our order and he didn't pass me the menu until I say Bonjour. Maybe he wants me to practice... I don't know. I tried the raw beef Tatare and its really nice. I am not sure if you would try it but I did. Taste like salad. Duck liver tastes like dessert! Ice cream. Will do a food review once I go back to Koka Kinabalu. Stay tuneee.

After dinner, we took a short walk to the Eiffel Tower and its magnificent. You should see those picture on my facebook.

The next day, we went to Champ Elysee by metro and did some shoppings. Finally get to bring mom to try out some pastries and she loves it so much! Sandwiches here are great too. Anyway, I guess food wise it is all delicious in Paris. After some window shopping, we went back to the hotel and did some last minute packing then off to Beavius Airport. Meet a lovely waiter and I took a picture of her.
That's was it. Au revoir. Wait for my next post. ;)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

London & Paris

I believe most of you are preparing to go to work. Well, not for me. Now its 0000hrs in Paris. I just reached Paris by Eurostar today from St. Pancras International London to Gare du Nord Paris.

A day in London was great where I get to met my cousins and friends. Jimmy helps us a lot by fetching us from the airport and brought us to Westfield for shoppong and dinner around the location where you can find the Malaysia Embassy on the first day. In between, get to meet up with Jeanette where she taught us how to use the Underground and brought us to Oxford Street for shopping and Victoria Station to try out the Traditional English Tea at one of the hotel operates by Hilton. We get to find ur way back by using the tube just in time when Jimmy reached our hotel. After dinner, we took sometime to drive around the London Central where we saw the city night view. Wonderful architecture I could say. Brilliant and amazing work.

Today before we departed for Paris, mom and I get to meet up with one of my cousin which I never met before (but now I do and she's so pretty). Head down to Costa nearby King Cross station and we had a nice family chat. Nora had to rush after coffee. So I brought mom to Leicester Square earlier for a walk. Jackson was the last person to meet me today and it is great to meet up with him. He brought us for a short walk and passes by Museums, Monuments, etc nearby Covent Garden and China Town. We had Chinese Hong Kong cuisine for lunch. Jackson followed us to the hotel, accompany and helped us with our luggage until checking in to Eurostar. Love you dear!

And finally, reached Paris.. will continue tomorrow. Gonna sleep now and I am not sure did I mispelled anything. Lol. (「,「)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Flying to Europe

I still have 20 hours before heading to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport tomorrow for London. Its quite exciting and tired at the same time.

Well, mentally and physically tired to be exact. Planning for a Europe trip from scratch is not an easy thing to do. Information from the flights, train, hotel, how to go to those selected attractions, etc. Actually I was going to follow tours but after transaction and everything, tours are unavailable in the end. Makes me gone crazy for few days but its okay since I just need a second plan.

So far it has been great! Looking forward to all places that we normally can see on pictures through google search. I will be heading down to London, Paris, Barcelona for my graduation, Milan, Rome, Switzerland, and back to London and meet my darling.

Before I set my foot there, really want to thanks Michelle for giving me her previous informations that she got on her Europe trip last year. Jeaneatte, who is going to meet me and bring me to try out Traditional English afternoon tea on the first day I step down London. Elaine, who helped me in my plannings. Grace, for helping in planning during my working hours. Jimmy, for suggesting all the nice places, fetch and send us from and to the airport. Jackson, who let me stay at his place. Dino, who suggested few nice places to me that he went before. Jessica, who remind me to take vaccine injection. Of course, my family and friends who supported and help me with this trip. Aldrich, who helped me with every bits and bites. Love you all!

Not to forget, Dr Craen, and Carl, for giving me a chance to speak on behalf of all Asian Graduants in European University. Joanna. P, for offering to bring me around Barcelona. And thank you from the University!

Wish me luck!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Testing 123

Just bought my phone not long ago and finally O found the Blogger app. Downloaded it and now I  typing and updating blog, just to try if its work. ;)
Now, don't fail me sweet heart.