Saturday, 10 March 2012


The Official Opening of Rumah Terbalik

Just came back from Rumah Terbalik (The Upside Down House in Borneo) for their launching. Well, if you want to know what and where is Rumah Terbalik, you gonna check on my Facebook site at .

Let’s talk about the launching just now.
Well, we were late due to the traffic jam and it was raining heavily. Plus, my eye sight is bad during the night. So it’s a triple problem to me and I have two friends following my car. I need to be careful while driving.

Lucky enough, we managed to reach there in time to catch the session whereby Token of Appreciations was given to the Guest of Honours and VIPs.

Same rules, we can’t take pictures of the interior building. At least we can take pictures outside. Indeed, visiting the Rumah Terbalik at night portrays a different view than the one in the morning. At night, the ambience made us feel warm and welcomed. Of course, both are beautiful. Well, you just have to visit and see for yourself to find out the different environment.

Accompanied by Jazz Music, I can’t believe I met Rene, Asif, my lil brother Kevin, and Appy. Well, funny thing about Appy. We met before, but we kinda forgot. When I start a conversation with him by saying “I think we met before” and he said “You look familiar”. Then it goes...

“Have you sang in Shamrock before”
“Have you sang with a girl before there?”
“Did you sing Quando Quando Quando with that girl before?”
“I think that’s me.”
And memories came back, we burst out laughing. Nice to meet you again Appy!

I ended up talking with lots of people and I am glad to know a few new friends too! Anyway, I get a chance to get away from work, having some drinks while enjoying the jazz music. Bliss! Great night and thanks to the organizers who invited us!
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