Wednesday, 28 March 2012


My Article on Rumah Terbalik

I have written an article about Rumah Terbalik, the Upside Down House of Borneo, months ago. Well, it’s actually last month. It was in Breeze Magazine February Issue. On the same month, I have been featured on the front cover of Breeze Magazine as the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador. Will show you guys soon for that, slowly.

Here, I would love to share my articles about the Rumah Terbalik, located at Tamparuli. Well, you can always view it from my Facebook.

Just to share my experience on that day.

I really drove myself and my friends there just to write about this piece of art. I did write my experience of how I drove there all the way from town. It was fun and exciting, because this is the first Rumah Terbalik / Upside Down House in Borneo. I love the extraordinary idea of creating this attraction as we are creating more in promoting tourism in our country.

Anyway, I can’t believe the owner of the Rumah Terbalik told everyone that my article actually helps him to launch Rumah Terbalik. It’s a blessed that I am able to help. I’m honoured.
"This was the first article ever on Rumah Terbalik and it single handedly launched RT and told the rest of Sabah that an upside down house existed. Thank you very much ;)"
I will update some of their pictures soon on my next post about Rumah Terbalik / Upside Down House in Borneo! Don't forget to follow me on my Facebook for more info on Sabah destinations and attractions ;)


Henry Tan said...

Hmmm perhaps i should plan for another trip to go there! anyway well done! =D

smallkucing said...

This is the first time i read. Interesting. Maybe one day i would have a chance to go


I am Chloe Tiffany Lee said...

Henry: YES PLEASE! :D Happy to meet up!

I am Chloe Tiffany Lee said...

Kathy: Come and visit the Rumah Terbalik! Later I'll be uploading the night view. Superb!