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Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Taken from my travel blog: Sunnies on the Road as I am leaving it and continue to blog about travel here.

“We bring you closer to nature” – Protect our Wildlife

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is about 25km from the capital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
It is easily accessible by either Old Penampang-Papar Road via Donggongon Town or Putatan-Papar Road.
These are all the animals that you can witness in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park.
Birds, Civets, Clouded Leopard, Chittal, Deer, Elephants, Serval, Nilgai, Cassowary, Ostrich, Reptile, Sun Bear, Malayan Tiger, Orang Utans, other Primates, Bear Cat, Proboscis Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Ring Tailed Lemur, Miniature Horse, Ankole, Banteng, Barking Deer, Emu & Rhea, Gibbon, and Otter.
Other than visiting all kinds of animals, there will be an Animal Show in the Amphitheatre. Visitors get to seat down and chill a little while. If the weather is too hot for you and you are all sweating, yes you can bring some soft drinks to the Amphitheatre but you will be responsible for it (throw to the rubbish bin lah). 

In the Animal Show, please try to participate in the games that will be offered by the handsome speaker because there will be a gift or award from the management of Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. What more to say here? I think I just let you guys to discover the excitement yourself. Here are some of the pictures during the show.

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How I go to the destination?
In this case, I drove my way up to The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park from the Old Penampang- Papar Road via Donggongon Town since I am a local Sabahan. Well, driving there is really easy for me, even by driving a small car because there is not much of turnings and so. Anyway, if you are not from Sabah and not sure how to go to the destination (trust me, you will get confuse for the name of the places because it is the Native Language), you can always take a tour packages from here. Or, just email me if there is anything.

What do you need to bring along?
Definitely your camera (you don’t want to miss by snapping everything), a cap would be nice, shades or sun glasses, maybe sun block for the ladies because you might get a little sunburn (oh yeah).

These are some information that you might need to know...
Elephant Ride at the Children’s Zoo
Weekends, School Holidays & Public Holiday
1000hrs – 1100hrs & 1400hrs – 1500hrs
RM5.00 per head
Purchase your ticket at the Ticketing Counter

Animal Show in the Amphitheatre
Every day except Friday
1100hrs & 1515hrs
Animal Feeding Sessions
1020hrs – Bornean Elephant
1400hrs – Malayan Sun Bear
1405hrs – Malayan Tiger
1415hrs – Orang Utan

1425hrs – Gibbon & Otter
1435hrs – Proboscis Monkey

Every day starting at Visitor Centre
1000hrs, 1115hrs, 1400hrs & 1515hrs
RM2.00 per person
Purchase your ticket at the Ticketing Counter

Entrance Fees
Visitors 18 years old and above
Malaysian Citizen: RM10.00
Non- Malaysian Citizen: RM20.00

Visitors 3 until 17 years old
Malaysian Citizen: RM5.00
Non- Malaysian Citizen: RM10.00

Senior citizens (60 years old and above)
Malaysian Citizen Only

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