Thursday, 8 March 2012


Welcoming the New Year 2012

It took me five minutes to think what should I blog about...
Well, I know that lately I have been busy and didn’t update my blog. So I have decided to tell you what had happened during my New Year eve. Yes, I know I am way back behind but it’s a good memory to share J

Anyway, this is how we celebrate.

Daddy came out with this crazy idea that all daughter should come up with a dish. Either you make it or you buy it, its okay. Daddy just wanted to find out do we have his gift. So each daughter really thought about one or two recipes. Let’s see one by one...

Eldest sister bought Lasagna from Little Italy because it’s mom’s favourite dish.
Second sister made an ice cream cake.
Third sister made mash potato.
And I did something healthy and light which was pasta and some appetizer made from tomato with some herbs and cheese.
Oh, of course, mom did lamb chop.

Other than us, we have our family friends to join us that night. So we have pizza as well as chicken wings.

Well, that’s about it. Lovely night! It is an extraordinary sharing moment at home and we countdown peacefully. Of course, we end up with wine and liquor just to have a little celebration feeeeeel.

Please let me know how did you celebrate your New Year because I know I am... 'gone' for sometime. Haha!

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