Monday, 5 March 2012


An advise from a wise man.

Last two week, I met this wise man and he advised me after knowing I have tons of works on hand.

Well, sometimes I just don’t want others to know who the author is in a certain sites or who is the person in charge in an organization, who is the person who is helping who... I could say, it is my interest to touch different subjects and wonderful moments in my life.

The person that I met last two weeks is actually a wise employer of a company. He asked me, “Why do you need so many accounts when you need to ‘sell’ yourself?” Well, the meaning of selling myself is not in a bad way but it’s in a good way, which currently I am actually the Sabah Young Tourism Ambassador (if some of you know) and why do I have to cover myself and not letting the current readers of mine in my travel blog, to know I am the person who writes about the local destinations here in Sabah, Land Below the Wind.

What he said was true. I love to travel and write about places that I have been to. I even love to write about the events that I have attended or joined. I love basically everything and I believe sharing my words thru love is the most wonderful thing in our life.

Here, is the confession.
Sunnieson the Road, is my travel blog.
MyVoices for Changes is another blog of mine, which I write about how I feel of the current situation in our country that related to environment and charity.

After my conversation with him, I decided to leave both Sunnies on the Road and MyVoices for Changes. Of course, I will continue blog about what I blogged in both blogs. But, it will be in this blog, Faith. Hope. Love. Care [Chloe].

I hope all of you will support me for my write ups and now I am building my FacebookPage as a journalist for my blogs. Please support by clicking like and share to your friends.

Love and support,
Chloe Tiffany Lee

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