Thursday, 15 March 2012


My New Facebook Page

I know it’s kinda stupid to open anotherFacebook Page because I have over 1000 likes in my current one. To tell the truth, I do worried and felt it is such a waste because I need to start all over again from zero.

I do believe that people are supporting me as they know what I am currently doing.
I do believe that friends are supporting me in everything that I done and still continue.
I do believe that friends from overseas know what my plan is and what I hope for the future.
I do believe in many things more.

That is why I do believe the current ‘likes’ who are my family, friends, and also people who are supporting me from overseas to continue supporting me in my new Facebook Page.

The reason why I wanted to switch to a new account is because of the name changing purposes. Facebook doesn’t allow admin to change their names when they have reached a certain number of ‘likes’.

In this case, let me briefly tell you what I am up to.
I always love to challenge myself and also to experience new things in life. That is why I put myself into a beauty pageant called Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International, while I am still having my final examination to complete my Diploma in Tourism Management. Other than the final examination for my Diploma in INTI College Sabah, I am also holding a position in the student government as the Vice President of INTIMA, Administration and Services, who speaks for the students and also for the college.

After the pageant, I have won several titles which I never expected at all because it was a total experience only that I would like to gain. With these three titles, I believe I can do more to help the people. Yes, I always believe. Miss Nature’s Guardian, Miss Charity, and Miss Popular are the titles that I have given by several companies that are the sponsors. And I start from there...

I joined as a volunteer at the very first to help the people. I agreed to be a model at the very first in the modelling industry. But it’s not enough to make me grow. I see people who joined pageants differently which I don’t want to apply in me. Well, if anyone of you has read about an interview about me by Utusan Borneo, you will know what my opinion thru my whole journey. Only the person, who knows the full story, was the interviewer, Mr. Jamry. And I was shocked when he said, “I see you in me”. Yes, he understands my thoughts and my opinions.

I wish to be a traveller always, and forever. I have always loved to travel and explore the different culture that we have in different continents. I wish to help the people that need helps and I always carries my own principle, which is to help our local community before we go further.

My dream is big, but I do believe with support, I will grow and we can improve.


Nath said...

Support!!! Bolehbah kalau kau :p

Henry Tan said...

Liked already. ;) i believe your followers will do so too. HEHE!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Stella Matilda back then for choosing you to be her finalist in the pageant, you did well. All the best girl.