Monday, 26 March 2012


The all new BMW 3 SERIES Sedan 2012

It’s been a long week.
Oh well, last Friday I was sick. I am deadly ill, caught by a deadly fever.

In the morning, I can feel the illness conquering my body once I am all awake and getting ready to bring Thanis for breakfast. Btw, breakfast was goooooood.

So I was trying to feed myself and head straight back to office and work. Kinda feel dizzy but gonna meet clients after that. Even my boss spent me lunch at Bella Restaurant and I can’t finished. WHAT A WASTE. Sorry dear chef, I’m sick. Too sick to eat but I definitely LOVE your lunch box. You guys should check it out.

Well, after that Sherry and I took a long walk because...
We are trying to save fuel + no need to find another parking at the busy town which will make me make more than 3 turns + we are practicing good health.

Reached the office, I’m all DEAD. Took a nap on the couch, what to do? I am trying to HEAL myself, like magic. Once sleep, all gone. *sorry boss if you saw this* But yea, I was a little ok back then and I went back home, scared my parents off because I couldn’t EAT AT ALL, trying to get ready for another event.


The all new BMW 3 Series launching last night at FM Autohaus, Kota Kinabalu.
3 units sold in half an hour!
Dress code: Sporty Chic

Am I well dressed? Or should I ask, PASS OR NOT? Haha!

See more pictures on my Facebook ;)

Well, finally I manage to see Zumba by Michelle Koh. It was good ‘til I can’t manage to take a picture of them doing Zumba because I was too excited. Joseph, from BMW, FM Autohaus, Kota Kinabaluwas busy making sure the shows goes on.

On that night, the first buyer was a girl... who has not seen the 3 SERIES yet and she booked and bought it on that night. She gets to see her car when BMW unveiled the 3 SERIES. Second buyer was 10 minutes after the girl. 20 minutes later, another guy bought the last car on that night.

I hope to get one too... 10 years time.

For more info, check out BMW Malaysia.


Nikel Khor said...

300K for a brand new BMW.. quite interesting!

I am Chloe Tiffany Lee said...

Yupes! It's for real. RM300K plus actually. Interesting and attractive huh? Haha!