Friday, 26 April 2013

Your Dream House?

Years go by and so does people eh? Which is true; I have been doing quite a lot of planning these days, maybe let’s make it for months. If you followed my blog since few years back, I bet you have guessed by age! And now, guess what? I’m thinking to get my own future home. There are house for sale everywhere now in town but whether the rate has gone higher or lower? You just need to make a survey for yourself.

In fact, the IPEX property fair just ended last few weeks. There are several house forsale now at most of the prime locations. For my opinion, locations like in most of the town area will be perfect for investments especially properties facing to the South China Sea; oh what a beautiful location.

You know when it’s time for you to think for your future home. Landed properties are hard to find nowadays as most of them are owned by someone else since the previous generations. We never know if there are any left for the new generations to come. Nevertheless, KK City is blooming. Developments are everywhere and it is designed to suits our modern lifestyle.

Wanna see my dream house? Let me show you some pictures.

 Pictures: source from internet (collected since 2012)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Orange Chiffon Cake

Ingredients A:
100ml Orange Juice
1pc Orange (to grate the Orange Skin) 
225g Self Raising Flour
100ml Corn Oil
70ml Water
150g Sugar (or reduce a little)
6 Egg York (A size)
1/2 tsp Orange Essence
1/2 tsp Orange Color

Ingredient B: 
6 Egg White
120g Castor Sugar
1tsp Tartar Cream

Recipe by Teresa

My advice:
To do this cake, it is better to mix the Ingredient B before Ingredient A. 
Mix Ingredient B until it stays in the bowl even if its upside down then 
slowly add into the mixed Ingredient A to make it fluffy.

Good luck.