Monday, 21 November 2011


Interview Session with Greyson Chance in Kota Kinabalu

Have you ever thought of meeting a singer where you can look at his expression, talk to you, hug you, shack your hand, and so on... right in front of you?

For US singer, he’s the first that I talked to him side by side.

As a Breeze Magazine team member, I was given a chance to attend the interview session in Kota Kinabalu on 17th November 2011, at AMP Studio where,, and are all there. Noor, the editor for Breeze Magazine was there was well. All of us in the interview room were like thinking what to ask and say. Everyone there are nice and funny, especially when most of them thinking where should Greyson be sitting.
Anyway, Greyson Chance is a nice boy. He has a great sense of humour as well where all interviewers asked “Have you tried Malaysian food?” and he said that he tried the Durian and also Bambangan. I myself never dared to try Bambangan. So, I salute him for that but I love durian. Yums.
When we were talking about trying the foods again, he said “I would call my lawyer”. Then everyone in the interview room laughs! All of us had fun. The interview session is very casual and it’s like friends talk.

Greyson Chance Live In Kota Kinabalu is brought to you by Tune Talk with official radio station Hitz.Fm and official venue 1Borneo Hypermall. Organized by Universal Music.

Well, not gonna say much now. Gonna edit Greyson Chance’s video during his live shows! Stay tune. Follow me in Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and of course here in this blog for more future events and so on!

By the way, Greyson loves Noor's Eskimo Joe's T-shirt!

Have a look at the videos that I took during the interview for
Breeze Magazine

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