Sunday, 30 August 2009

It’s Baby Rats! (Look like baby dogs)

Look at the pictures clearly okay? Nothing special actually but I want to share with you all. Haha.

Few days back, my cousin brother took a box out from his shop. Then, God mother told me that there are rats in the box. I was so excited because I never see baby rats but I’d seen baby rabbit! But I tell you, baby rats really look like baby dogs! I am not going to say it looks like hamsters because hamsters do not have a long tail. But dogs have. >.<

Picture Below: Their own personal pictures!

I asked my cousin brother that I wanted to see then he holds the box near to me but I am so afraid that the rats might spread poisons. So, I keep ask him to stand few inches away from me then I told him I can zoom in and snap the baby rats. We burst to laugh! LOL! I told him to stand still hold still, no not move! But the baby rats keep on moving and one of them thought the other baby was their mother. It keeps on smell and wanted to drink mama milk. It’s really cute.

Anyway, will the baby rats spread poisons??
Can anybody tell me? I really have no idea.

My cousin brother uses another box and pushes all of them in to the big box.
I asked him is he going to keep it as a pet but he say “No lah!”
So I’ve been thinking why not? Then I know why in few seconds time.
It’s a rat! Not hamster! Nearly I was going to forget that they are rats.

Picture Below: One of the baby thought the other one is the mother.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Porku Porku aka Yong Tauhu (☆Non Halal)

This is Yong Tauhu or Yong Taufu or Yong Taufoo.
The word ‘Yong’ means there will be meat stuffed either in the middle or inside.
My dad define “Yong” by saying that “It is the meat that had been tortured then squeeze into something”

Actually, I really don’t know what actual spelling for this dish but this is one of the dishes by the Hakka people. For me, Hakka foods are nice because they tend to add meat in the middle or in the vegetables such as the brinjal, bittercot, and few more. Then will be cook with sauce or else it will never be dry.

The meat, you can either use minced pork and garlic only. Or else, you can also add up some shrimps. It’s really depends on the taste that you like. My dad loves to use minced pork with garlic and add up his own ingredients. Then my mom loves to use the minced pork with garlic and with shrimps. Well, you know, females always love to add some more like fashion. Clothes add up with a big big belt. Haha.

So, this is the Yong Tauhu that my God mother did and mom cooked the sauce at the end.
Well, definitely these pictures are not the sauce that I am talking about. This is just light soya sauce and black soya sauce that I added on the little plate. I curi (steal) one piece of tauhu out from the kitchen. If it is without the sauce that I put, it will not be pretty. Haha. Then I make it like the Yong Tauhu that can be served in Fine Dining Restaurant. Nice?

In fact, Yong Tauhu served only with light soya sauce and black soya sauce also nice and yummy!

Picture Below: Yong Tauuuuhu!

Picture Below: Me!!! Hahahaha!!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Blog's New Layout Theme + Introduction of Myself

Hello everybody! It's nice to blog again!

Anyway, I have changed my blog layout and theme. Do you love it? Will it be more prettier than the previous one? Haha. Actually I haven't finished with the editing. Why? Well.. As you can see from my blog, my header is slightly a little weird. Right? The picture is not in the middle and I am thinking ways to get it correct.

So, I was thinking to introduce myself once again since I changed my layout. Good Idea?
Now, let's start!

Picture Below: Open ceremony at the beach

Hello Everyone! Bloggers! Friends! and my Family! Not to forget my Baby! I'm Chloe and I normally use "ChloeTiff" as a short name for me to reach to you guys out there. Currently, I'm still studying. Yeah.. Still a student and I really love to study. Basically, I am a Sabahan who are born in Kota Kinabalu. I love my hometown. It's really really a nice place for me. With a wonderful view of the sea at the Likas Bay and I proudly present our Sabah slogan "Land Below The Wind".

I started blogging since 2005 actually and the first blog was in the Friends
ter. I used that as my blog last time because I didn't know there's such a wonderful and easy to use and no limitation blogging webpage which is and yes I'm happy with it! But before using Blogger, I used Xanga as well. I did blogged a few there but end up it was too conplicated for me to understand it. So, one day. I was looking at Meatball's blog and I started to click and click then finally the magic begins! Then here I am blogging for almost 3 years and I remembered the first post that I updated in this blog, was the days where I am doing my studies over Kuala Lumpur and I update my daily life to Meatball as to update her!

In this blog, I post up lots of stuffs!
Including my life, my studies, lots and lots of foods, places of interest (been travelling lots), my friends, my memories, my sadness and sorrow, my stress, and lots even pets! There're too much to type in actually! I remembered my very first blogger friend. Who is that? Haha! Crazywrazy! and now, many! Crazy, Via, June, RK, Kenwooi, Sabahking, Lisa, David, Falcon, Vincent, Woosa, and many more!

I have another blog which is all about studies and I've been trying my coursemate in their studies as well. I'm using another method as to help them, well it's story telling! Haha. I'm really happy that there's one of my classmate. Yeah, he did a clear pass after reading the other blog and he spent me a nice dinner! Thanks skateboy!

Many thoughts we have been thinking. Oh ya. It's me and my boyfriend, Aldrich. We've been thinking lots about our future and some are just non sense. I don't even know will he make it or not but if he didn't, I will. Heard me baby? I know you laughing now when you are reading this! Haha. We are now in our year 6th will be the 7th in July 2010. We started dating since I was still in the secondary Form 3 and he was in Form 5. Some of the teacher knew about us and some, nope. There's one teacher which is my Moral teacher and his former Form teacher and once she knew about our relationship, she goes
"Is that your bf?"
"Errr.. ya?", I answered.
"Huiiyoo! That guy goooood ohhh! You?! Baddd... badd baddd"

Then my gang back me up haha. Few days back Baby's brother told me about one case. He said to me that he asked the same teacher whether does she remember Aldrich and I. Yes, she remembered once Alston gave her a hint. Laughter.. laughter.. all begins.

About my family, we are doing great each year! But mom started to worried about my future. And hers too. Thinking about one day, if I leave my hometown to further my studies. What will become no matter outside and inside the house. Oh gosh.. suddenly a song came right through my head.. "What ever will be will be.." I love you mama and papa and sisters. I have no brothers. Haha. Yet, daddy still proud that he have all the girls.

Well, I guess this is it.
Just a brief introduction of myself again and let us wait for another editing and there will be a new introduction again. Not to forget my birthday. It is on the 6th December and I will be turning to 21 this year! *Gimme the key mama!*

Picture Below: Leave your footprints here by giving me comments! This is mine! XD

I miss you guys!
Oh ya.. I have to say this. "My blog still under construction. So sorry for the messy pictures beside".
See? >_> ~~~~

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Weston Wetland Sanctuary

Hello everybody!
It's such a great opportunity to write in again!

Now let's go to the main point. Welcome to Weston Wetland Sanctuary!

Going there, we need an approximate of 2 hours 30 minutes to reach. Passing by few places from the city which there are Putatan, Papar, Beaufort, and so on. Weston Wetland Sanctuary is located further more of Beaufort and near to Sipitang.

By that time, we departed from Putatan at 1pm straight and reached Beaufort. Due to the case of raining cats and dogs, the guide was worried about us getting wet and cold once reach Weston Wetland Sanctuary. Some more, he said "As the boat is moving, the wind blows." So, we stop at Beaufort for a while just to buy raincoat. Thumbs up for the service of the guide.

Picture Below: Town Centre of Beaufort

Picture Below: Pass by the Beaufort Bridge and saw the Padas River.

Finally we have reached Weston Wetland Sanctuary and the rain is getting smaller. First, we will be having our short walk into the village by walking on the timber path ways. Then, we will be visiting one of the houses in the village and entertained by the villagers by serving their local cakes (kuih muih), tea and coffee. From there, everybody are able to learn the culture and the lifestyle of the locals.

As the time pass by, it's time for us to continue our journey! First, we will take a short walk to go further into the village and take a look at the scenery. It is beautiful, calm, and mysterious as you can see from the pictures below.

After that, all of us went in to the boat and sat properly with safety jackets. We came across with the Birds, Proboscis Monkeys (they are huge) and Silver Langur! There are a lot of them swanging and jumping around. Plus, we are able to spot the young Proboscis! Some might just sit there without moving and some are 'dating' the other Proboscis. Definitely you are able to take a lot of beautiful pictures along the journey. Other than that, there are cows and crocodiles!

Picture Below: Can you see two faces on the sky? It's like kissing

As the journey continues, we saw the sunset and it is beautiful. When it is going to dark, we are able to taste the foods that have been prepared. It is delicious and fresh.

In the end, there will be suprises! Want to know what is that?

Explore it yourself!

Hint: Stars

Chloe is free now!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm free from...
1. studies
2. college
3. exams
4. .....

But still my holiday is not like a holiday.
I have works to do!


I'm thinking of changing my layout.
What you think?


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summary of my July

Oh God!
I'm sorry that I did not blog for weeks! I think a month.
Randy start complaint again haha!

Well, I'm quite busy of my works for assignments and tests. Almost everyday I have either test or assignments to pass up. I just prepare tests for days and assignments for weeks. Gosh. I wish I can fly now high above to the air and lying on the white white cloud. Then only I will feel totally free~
Now, who can bring me? lol!

Tell you what's going on this month then!

Ok, the bad ones start first.
Urgghh! I'm really unhappy and felt disrespectful last week.
Let me ask you guys, if your work had been rejected without any reasons, how will you feel? They didn't even look at your work at all and just return it back for saying that "I'm not satisfied with the works".

The reason for that is, they are not satisfied with the presentation by the first two groups. For me, it's OK because that is how we do our work and more we didn't know what the "management" wants. I just have bad feelings when they stopped me from presenting after the second group. By not reading at my report, they just commented it "The outside of this report is beautiful but the inside is xxxxxxx (something to do with the word 'sucks')"

Gosh! Every single information we get from the internet, they said that we need to include facts. Or, they just say "Do things according to what have stated in the paper". Then, during the day of presentation for my group which had been postponed for 4 days, I think my group did it very well because my team good and they put effort in it. When the "management" gave every single group few comments, they said that
"I am bored with the design of the tribe’s houses, give me the tribe's perhaps traditions or something." Urgh, according to the paper, the management didn't state there they want the traditions but features and benefits of the products. So, why do I need to include the traditions since you said we need to do things according to the paper before in our first presentation? Nahh…

Therefore, end up we have to rush our syllabus because of the extended presentation and re-do of project reports. Some more, next week is our final exams and I don’t think I can do well in this subject. I think... hopefully

I don’t think this is just one bad thing… but I’ll continue with the good ones!

The good ones are, I did my test well and satisfied with the marks that I get.

So short! LOL!

Ok ok plus one more..

My anniversary with my baby on 23 July 2009 and we had a great one by having our dinner at Gunter’s. I will update it once I finish up with my exams! And lots to update as well! HAHA!

Wait for it and I love you and miss you guys!