Thursday, 7 March 2013


Food review: Kopi Ping, Damai

There’s one time that I overheard someone has mistaken “Kopi Ping” as “Coffee Bean” because of the pronunciation.

Was having my early lunch the other day at Kopi Ping. Since the day they opened, I just went there once and this is my second time dining in. Well, it’s not that I don’t want to dine in there but it’s always FULL during peak hours. And YES, my office is just around the corner.

Invited by one of the owners and a manager of Kopi Ping, five bloggers are confirmed to get the treat – Myself, Margaret, Charlotte, my sister Meitzeu, and Beverly. We starved the morning just for this meal. Kidding.

What I like about this café is that the price is reasonable for students, working people, and of course, families. All we want is a valuable meal. If you are on a budget, Kopi Ping is just for you. Good food, good people, good service with reasonable price.

So there are several dishes that we have tried. Generous manager, Mr. Dean prepared A LOT for us ladies. Very kind of him and Ms Connie who is one of the owners, who invited us, thank you. We are grateful and blessed. Now, here’s a list of what we have tried.

Now, let’s start taste the food.

1. Leaf Noodle (Rating 3/5)
Price: RM2.00
Our unique & delicious noodle wrapped in a green leaf. We have asked Mr. Dean what kind of leaf is that and it called the Bini Tua (means, the old wife). The uniqueness of this light dish is that it is not soggy. You know when you crave for a plate of noodle, you don’t expect it to be soggy, and stick to your teeth. But this one doesn’t. I’ve even tried to figure out what’s the smell of the leaf with Charlotte, and I smell lemon. Let me know if you did this too.

2. Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood (3/5)
Price: RM 8.00
What is good about this dish is that they prepared it with fresh ingredients. But personally, in my opinion, it’s a little bit dry for me.

3. Yong Tauhu (4/5)
Price: RM RM1.50
I remembered this. This is the first dish that I’ve tried during my first visit. Well, I’m controlling my diet! That’s why. Simply delicious!

4. KP Roasted Wings (4/5)
Price: RM 4.40
Actually, with this price it’s for 2 pcs only. Just because we are doing this food review, we got extra. Yay! I just wanted to clear before we get any misunderstanding here. The KP Roasted Wings are juicy. Love it!

5. BBQ Chicken Rice (4/5)
Price: RM 8.50
Love the chicken definitely because it’s tender and marinated well.

6. Tom Yam M/Hoon (5/5)
Price: RM 7.50
For spicy lover, yes please order this. When I first take the first sip, it smell so good until when I swallow it, oh no, the heat is on! The spicy taste remains at your throat.

7. Dry Fried Hor Fun Beef (5/5)
Price: RM 8.00
Love the smell, love the taste. I’ll order this again when I visit Kopi Ping. There is a certain way to cook fried the Hor Fun. Not too long, and not too fast, then its prefect. Italian we called it, al dente. And when I first grab a bite on this, oh my, I almost finish half of the plate!

8. Waffle Ice Cream (5/5)
Price: RM 4.00
Save the best for the last! This manager has his plan. Desserts are girl’s best friend. We finished this off in 4 minutes. Frankly speaking, I love this one. The waffle remained crunchy even though the ice cream has melted. Who doesn’t want this?

And now, the drinks.
1. Kopi Ping (5/5)
Price: RM 2.50
Coffee lover like me? Go for this. The taste of the coffee is strong. Believe it or not, you got to try this.

2. Teh C Special (4/5)
Price: RM 3.50
Not too sweet, it’s creamy, and just nice. Prefect for hot weather. ;)

3. Red Bean Milk (Cold) (5/5)
Price: RM 3.00
There is something special about this drink. It has a smooth texture and there is a hot one if you would like to try.

Now, I'm hungry while I am typing all this.

Here is a picture of the man behind all this foods.


Timeless Confection said...

oh my! everything looks soooooo delish! wish there's a magical window somehow so that i can steal a sample...:) keep posting!

Sherrie Pui said...

Ahhh now can go try after you become the guinea pig XD

Andrew Tham said...

i have always wanted to go. especially now that they have been doing their daily promotion.
check out here

they will be in sabah food expo this weekend too. (20-21st April 2013)