Friday, 27 February 2009

Last day that I can see your face

I just finished my date with my baby...
Full of surprises in this whole night that I can barely believe it!

The surprises that he gave me include cupcakes that he told me he wanted to buy for me during the Valentine. As for the other surprise, is it a chocolate cake where he bought it from Hyatt. They charge 50% off for the cakes after 8.30pm.

At first, I really don’t know that he is going to drive and park at Hyatt but then as he drove passes Hyatt, I misses the cake and I blow off his surprises and make him goes “Urgghh… she always know what I planned”. So, what to do? I was like saying that “Okay, let’s act as if I didn’t get thrilled and didn’t think of Hyatt’s cakes”. Yeah, haven’t tried on the Chocolate cakes because they always sold out but this time, we manage to get two pieces left and we bought one piece!

Ehem, the surprises that I gave him is a tie which he haven’t own one yet. I bought few bars of chocolates and junk foods for him to mollycoddle himself during his days in Sarawak soon. Lastly, of course a kiss that he never think that I will give him in that moment.

Well, what else? We were sitting on the Sutera Habour's sofa, talk about stuffs and so on. Before that, we went to the beach side and sat on the chair chit chatting and enjoy our cakes together.
This is our last to stand in front of each other face to face.
I’m leaving to Tabin and he’s leaving to Sarawak on 28 February.
It’s sad. I know. I love you. And our love stories continues…
Picture Below: Flowers in Sutera Habour

Picture Below: Lovely CouplePicture Below: HuggingPicture Below: Sour Kiss lolPicture Below: RomanticPicture Below: CupcakesPicture Below: Chocolate Fudge

Tabin Wildlife I'm coming!

I will not be around in Kota Kinabalu on 27 til 28 Feb 2009.

My school are having a trip to Tabin Wildlife where we can have a nice walk with leeches. Haha! Mud Volcano as well and more!
Will be back mostly after 10pm tomorrow.

Wait for my exciting updates from the trip!

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Abacus Software in Times Square

It’s my very first class to go to the Abacus Software Centre to learn how to make a flight reservation. So, that's mean it is also the first time that I go to KK Times Square. Let me show you how KK Times Square look like!

Picture Below: The Architectural View of the building

Picture Below: The symbol of KK Times Square

For me, it is really a boring class at first but after a while I found it interesting and fun for doing the reservation. Firstly, I was totally blur and don’t know how and what to do. After I run thought the manual that they have provided, I was like “Thanks God!” because they actually stated everything of how to type the entries in the manual. Some more the person, who taught us, Andy, called my name “Chloe! Do you understand?” Makes me awake from day dreaming! Haha~! So, once you go blur, search for your manual!

We had McDonald for lunch as they having the lunch offer now! RM5.95 one set of Mc Chicken, Fillet-O-Fish or Double Cheese Burger! Oh… what else? Of course I chose the Double Cheese because it was the most expensive to compare to others. Some more, I really love the cheddar cheese and the pickles!

Anyway, Aldrich was away from Kota Kinabalu for a while to pack his stuff in Curtin, Miri. Yes, he changed his university to Swin Burne, Kuching. I was thinking whether should I continue my studies at Kuching after I complete my course here? It could be cheaper than I just go to Australia straight away right? God Father asked me as well on last Saturday. I think he read my mind somehow although I didn’t even mention what’s on my mind. Thank you God Father!

Hmm… what more should I say?

Ah…! I have a surprise for my baby!

This is what I done in my flight reservation

+ my personal stuffs.


Read carefully okay? Haha
Picture Below: Abacus Software

Monday, 23 February 2009

Youngsters having "fun" in Cinema

I heard Meatball said that there's some youngsters are having "fun" in the cinema. Hmm… I’m not sure about it actually but briefly I could tell!

Well, the cinema is showing the Andy Lau’s new movie which casting with Su Qi. In the movie, they showed the scene of how to wear bra and the youngsters in the cinema that day were couples.

Okay, here it goes. The girl told her boyfriend actually in the movie, they used the wrong method to wear the bra. After that, the girl holds her boyfriend’s hand to show the correct way to wear a bra by using her body as an example …. (Think for yourself!) I can’t say it too detail! Hahaha! But the fact is, the guy only wants to concentrate in watching the movie. So “mean” ha-ha!
So, Meatball and her friends paid RM8 per person to watch two movies at a time!

Anyway, I had Japanese Food for my lunch. It’s Sushi King again but is the one located in Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu. To compare the Sushi King in Warisan Square and City Mall, I prefer Warisan Square because the sushi there is much fresher, bigger, nicer, and it’s same price! … Of course.

This happened maybe because of the location of the restaurant. Warisan Square is a place where they mostly aimed for tourist and City Mall is for the residents in that area.

Picture Below: Udon

Picture Below: Udon (same as above)Picture Below: Chicken

Friday, 20 February 2009

Penang Village Part 2

We had a farewell dinner for a friend of my sister.
I could say that she is very very pretty and a smart lady that I have never met.

Anyway, somehow we didn’t talk much that night since my sister and she are having a great chit chat along the dinner and shopping. I only talked to her when we are in Daiso talking about nails. Haha.

Now, this is what we had that night.
We had our dinner at Penang Village which is located in One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu.

Picture Below: The appetizer

Picture Below: BeefPicture Below: Seafood TaufuPicture Below: Char Kuey TiawPicture Below: Fish Head CurryPicture Below: Mango Chicken (Two Thumb Up!)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Burning in Kota Kinabalu

Few days ago, there’s a house at Sembulan had burn down. I heard it was those teacher’s houses in the school compound.
The distance was like just beside Jenette’s house but it’s actually two houses distance for sure.

The reason for starting this fire, I don’t know.
But it is quite scary because I was standing by the window and take the picture. Jenette and her dad went down to park their cars to the other place.

One thing that I have to emphasis is that, the fire fighters are really really slow. I mean, for whom who stay in Kota Kinabalu know where is the Fire Station in Sembulan right? They were just beside the fire scene but they take their action unhurried.

I saw many kids play by the side of the scene.
They really don’t care and don’t understand that is such a dangerous way but all they knew is they are daring to go near to the fire. They acted like they are monkeys and jump here and there at the staircase just because the fire scene.

One word


Picture Below: The Burning in Progress

Picture Below: "Slow Motion Fire Fighters"Picture Below: The Place where caught burning. Nothing Left

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Things that we do after Valentine

This is what we do.

I'm thinking of spending him Sushi before he went back for his studies. Sure I’m gonna miss him lots! *Hugs*

We went to Sushi King in City Mall.
The services are good because the foods are non-stop and the train is always full but not the wasabi. Every single tin of Wasabi is empty so I was like “duh… how come?” I think I opened 5 tins and all are empty.

Funny things are when the waiter asks what we want to have for our drinks and I answer him Ocha. Then Aldrich gone blur and keep on looking at the menu to see what Ocha is. Haha. It’s Green Tea my baby… that’s why I love you. Silly guy of mine...

We just took and order 3 dishes.
Picture Below: Salmon Sushi

Picture Below: Wasabiko SushiPicture Below: Baby Octopus SushiPicture Below: Us together (sleepy)

Two days passed….

We went to Tanjung Aru Beach because yesterday I told him that I’m stressed and I wanted to release it but it’s too late to go out that time. It was 10.30pm, am I right?

So, it was his plan for going to the beach. It has been a long long time that I didn’t go to the beach with him. This time, we walk on the cold sand and we read every single word that others had wrote. Some message for their love ones or to our city and country.

It was amazing that I found one message, “I love you Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia forever and ever!” I felt proud to be a Sabahan or Malaysian when I look at it because all of these years, I never seen such a message wrote by the citizens in Sabah. God Bless you!

Want to know some funny part? Short and simple to tell you.
“Aldrich killed a baby crab!”, said Chloe loudly by the seashore.

When I was busy covering the crabs home (to not let him go back) haha! Aldrich wrote something on the sand and I pretend not to see because I know what he going to do. I just let him alone to write without looking at it because I knew he wants to surprise me up and he will feel happy if he successfully surprised me.

This is what he wrote.

Picture Below: Aldrich ChloePicture Below: Baby is taking picture of our namePicture Below: He shot me too!Picture Below: Avocado Juice. Must purchase at No.6 lot.Picture Below: Baby crab

Sunday, 15 February 2009

It’s my Valentine

I know I’m late to post this up but you know, I’m a busy lady! Haha!
So, what did I do on my Valentine?
A very simple Valentine I could say but I love it because I love him!

Here’s the story…

Funny part:
At first Aldrich wishes to bring me for a special dinner at Gunter’s again. Yeah, it’s a surprise from him. At first he thought that I will never knew but I can read his mind for so many years we’ve been together until now. Yes, I know it’s my bad for revealing his surprise but that time I was pretend to be ‘I don’t know?’ Haha!

Then, we arrived at Gunter’s and we sat down.
The waitress is so fierce that day until she nearly spoiled our mood. When she hand us the ‘special menu’, Aldrich was shocked by looking at it because he never expected Gunter’s will marked up the prices for Valentines.

As you know, I’m a person that hate to change place after some plans is going on or done. Aldrich looked at me, and I looked at him. There, there… I knew what he wanted. He wanted to change place for our dinner. He is the person that doesn't want to spend so much of money.

In 2007, we did have our Valentine’s dinner at The Hut and it was a disaster, I guess. That day, they marked up the prices as well and we paid for hundreds. Aldrich was so sad that time. This time, I listened to him because I’m trying to change my attitude for him somehow. I just want to make him happy. I know he gets happy if I listen to him and just do what he said. So, he really gets shocked when I say, “Ok, let’s go!” and there, we’re gone from the table like having the background sound “puff!”. I know this is stupid but we had fun and we laughed all the way to the car.

To tell the truth, it’s really not worth for a dinner that needs to spend for so much. Just like that Vialentino told me in the previous message. Totally agreed now!

The gift from my Baby:
He knew what I want.
From the first day he knew me, I told him not to buy anything for me. As long as he has the heart to love me, I’m satisfied. So, from that moment, he started to give me those which are made by him. I’m impressed in every single gift that he made.

So this time, he made a “Love Key chain” with our picture inside and a little tiny bell.

Few years back, he bought an anklet which there is a tiny bell with it. He told me that the bell is for him to know where I go so he won’t lose me or he can find me when I’m lost. Perhaps this time, the key chain is for me to hang it on my bag so I won’t get… lost? I don’t want to use it anyway because I scare it will break or anything bad happens.

This is how he gave it to me.
Not kneeling on the floor nor giving it me by hand.
He knew that once I get it to the car, I straight away look at the mirror. So, he hangs it at the side of the mirror.

Thank you my baby. I love it very muchie! Muaks! Xoxo!

To view my gift to him, kindly click here

Pictures will be upload soon

Saturday, 14 February 2009

For my love, my Valentine

I remember the first time we met
It was like yesterday that I will not forget
Over and over the stories been told by me
There is nothing left behind when I start to open my voice
For our love stories

When you look into my eyes I knew
I knew there will be a future for me and you
I trust in you where or whenever you go
Even for our distance or problem
I will always love you

My dreams of being with you are a miracle
That no one believe that it's finally came true
Baby I love you
I promise that now and forever for worst or for better
I'll be with you, this I promise by saying 'Yes, I do"

My heart pumped like crazy at first
But now, I'm with you that you warmed my hidden feelings
That have calm me down and kiss you gently
I'm sure I will live until I die with you
I love you

A poem dedicate specially to my Baby, it's a gift to you.

Wish my friends out there, Happy Valentine to you!
Specially Jackson, Avy, Caren, Erin, Charlene, Audrey, Johnathan, June, Beryl

Friday, 13 February 2009

Extremely a thousand sorry!

Sorry I was away again....

Hoho.. This time not in purpose!

You know what have been happened?
My internet line was down for three days or four days!
Without knowing what is the problem. Perhaps… raining?
Omg.. I was totally speechless because I told everyone that I'm gonna upload the newest picture I gonna take that day during my dinner (seafood that one!). So sorry about it..

-Sad and Speechless-

Well, since I seldom upload my picture here.
I'm gonna upload one picture of myself during CNY then!

Picture Below: Me Loooo! ChloeTiffYupes! I know a little bit odd because I look mature here. But to tell the truth, I look more mature than my sisters although I'm the youngest among them!
In this picture, I have a wish or a dream then.
I wish my hair will grow longer and I want to curl it for a change. Some more, I wish my hair will be more... volume? or to say thick?
Happy Valentine to all!

Seafood at Gaya Sport Inanam

This restaurant located in Inanam also known as the second biggest area in Kota Kinabalu. You can find delicious foods and cheap foods in here! Specially for the Seafoods!
I think I’m gonna have my Valentine here. Lol.
I'm sad and speechless actually...
You know why?
Tell you in the next post!
Here's the picture!
Not that clear oh! Totally bad picture day!
Picture Below: Cold DishPicture Below: Yam with meat? (Two Thumb up)Picture Below: Fish! Sap Pan~Picture Below: Sabah VegetablePicture Below: ChickenPicture Below: Mee ( I don't like Mee!!)Picture Below: Crab!!! (TWO THUMBS UP!)Picture Below: Lo..... lol! (Two thumbs up)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Back in action!

Guess what?
1 hour 26 minutes to Chap Goh Meh!
So, that's mean you can open the ang paos and count your money at midnight!

Picture Below: Me peeking ang pao~
I'm not exciting at all because I wasn't in the mood now.
I'm sad and lonely. Thinking what to do...
I know what I need to do but I don't feel like doing it...
Omg.. What's into me?

Picture below is purchased at Damai.

Few days back before Aldrich went back to Keningau, he surprised me by coming to my house with Sushi. I was just saying actually before he arrived. I didn't know he really buy it. Maybe he really want to show that he love me after that night we talked about us.

“I wish to have more of this love from you”, said Chloe

Picture Below: The Plastic

Picture Below: Taking it out...Picture Below: Sushi!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Chloe gone for days again...

So sorry for the late updates!

Kekeke.. I have been too busy in my studies, I guess?

This is what happened few days back:
1. Sudden assignments from my lecturers
2. Assignments that need to be done within February
3. Having my love life with my Mr. Aldrich. Omg... What a life!

Well, besides all the works, of course I had some fun! Haha.
I watched Underworld 3. It was great! I love this movie!

Other than that, I finally done my puzzle that Anggu bought for me (Mickey Mouse) and the one I bought it for RM5 only. It's a church!
Picture Below: Mickey Mouse from Anggu

Picture Below: Church, I bought