Saturday, 14 February 2009


For my love, my Valentine

I remember the first time we met
It was like yesterday that I will not forget
Over and over the stories been told by me
There is nothing left behind when I start to open my voice
For our love stories

When you look into my eyes I knew
I knew there will be a future for me and you
I trust in you where or whenever you go
Even for our distance or problem
I will always love you

My dreams of being with you are a miracle
That no one believe that it's finally came true
Baby I love you
I promise that now and forever for worst or for better
I'll be with you, this I promise by saying 'Yes, I do"

My heart pumped like crazy at first
But now, I'm with you that you warmed my hidden feelings
That have calm me down and kiss you gently
I'm sure I will live until I die with you
I love you

A poem dedicate specially to my Baby, it's a gift to you.

Wish my friends out there, Happy Valentine to you!
Specially Jackson, Avy, Caren, Erin, Charlene, Audrey, Johnathan, June, Beryl
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