Monday, 23 February 2009


Youngsters having "fun" in Cinema

I heard Meatball said that there's some youngsters are having "fun" in the cinema. Hmm… I’m not sure about it actually but briefly I could tell!

Well, the cinema is showing the Andy Lau’s new movie which casting with Su Qi. In the movie, they showed the scene of how to wear bra and the youngsters in the cinema that day were couples.

Okay, here it goes. The girl told her boyfriend actually in the movie, they used the wrong method to wear the bra. After that, the girl holds her boyfriend’s hand to show the correct way to wear a bra by using her body as an example …. (Think for yourself!) I can’t say it too detail! Hahaha! But the fact is, the guy only wants to concentrate in watching the movie. So “mean” ha-ha!
So, Meatball and her friends paid RM8 per person to watch two movies at a time!

Anyway, I had Japanese Food for my lunch. It’s Sushi King again but is the one located in Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu. To compare the Sushi King in Warisan Square and City Mall, I prefer Warisan Square because the sushi there is much fresher, bigger, nicer, and it’s same price! … Of course.

This happened maybe because of the location of the restaurant. Warisan Square is a place where they mostly aimed for tourist and City Mall is for the residents in that area.

Picture Below: Udon

Picture Below: Udon (same as above)Picture Below: Chicken

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