Friday, 27 February 2009


Last day that I can see your face

I just finished my date with my baby...
Full of surprises in this whole night that I can barely believe it!

The surprises that he gave me include cupcakes that he told me he wanted to buy for me during the Valentine. As for the other surprise, is it a chocolate cake where he bought it from Hyatt. They charge 50% off for the cakes after 8.30pm.

At first, I really don’t know that he is going to drive and park at Hyatt but then as he drove passes Hyatt, I misses the cake and I blow off his surprises and make him goes “Urgghh… she always know what I planned”. So, what to do? I was like saying that “Okay, let’s act as if I didn’t get thrilled and didn’t think of Hyatt’s cakes”. Yeah, haven’t tried on the Chocolate cakes because they always sold out but this time, we manage to get two pieces left and we bought one piece!

Ehem, the surprises that I gave him is a tie which he haven’t own one yet. I bought few bars of chocolates and junk foods for him to mollycoddle himself during his days in Sarawak soon. Lastly, of course a kiss that he never think that I will give him in that moment.

Well, what else? We were sitting on the Sutera Habour's sofa, talk about stuffs and so on. Before that, we went to the beach side and sat on the chair chit chatting and enjoy our cakes together.
This is our last to stand in front of each other face to face.
I’m leaving to Tabin and he’s leaving to Sarawak on 28 February.
It’s sad. I know. I love you. And our love stories continues…
Picture Below: Flowers in Sutera Habour

Picture Below: Lovely CouplePicture Below: HuggingPicture Below: Sour Kiss lolPicture Below: RomanticPicture Below: CupcakesPicture Below: Chocolate Fudge

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