Sunday, 15 February 2009


It’s my Valentine

I know I’m late to post this up but you know, I’m a busy lady! Haha!
So, what did I do on my Valentine?
A very simple Valentine I could say but I love it because I love him!

Here’s the story…

Funny part:
At first Aldrich wishes to bring me for a special dinner at Gunter’s again. Yeah, it’s a surprise from him. At first he thought that I will never knew but I can read his mind for so many years we’ve been together until now. Yes, I know it’s my bad for revealing his surprise but that time I was pretend to be ‘I don’t know?’ Haha!

Then, we arrived at Gunter’s and we sat down.
The waitress is so fierce that day until she nearly spoiled our mood. When she hand us the ‘special menu’, Aldrich was shocked by looking at it because he never expected Gunter’s will marked up the prices for Valentines.

As you know, I’m a person that hate to change place after some plans is going on or done. Aldrich looked at me, and I looked at him. There, there… I knew what he wanted. He wanted to change place for our dinner. He is the person that doesn't want to spend so much of money.

In 2007, we did have our Valentine’s dinner at The Hut and it was a disaster, I guess. That day, they marked up the prices as well and we paid for hundreds. Aldrich was so sad that time. This time, I listened to him because I’m trying to change my attitude for him somehow. I just want to make him happy. I know he gets happy if I listen to him and just do what he said. So, he really gets shocked when I say, “Ok, let’s go!” and there, we’re gone from the table like having the background sound “puff!”. I know this is stupid but we had fun and we laughed all the way to the car.

To tell the truth, it’s really not worth for a dinner that needs to spend for so much. Just like that Vialentino told me in the previous message. Totally agreed now!

The gift from my Baby:
He knew what I want.
From the first day he knew me, I told him not to buy anything for me. As long as he has the heart to love me, I’m satisfied. So, from that moment, he started to give me those which are made by him. I’m impressed in every single gift that he made.

So this time, he made a “Love Key chain” with our picture inside and a little tiny bell.

Few years back, he bought an anklet which there is a tiny bell with it. He told me that the bell is for him to know where I go so he won’t lose me or he can find me when I’m lost. Perhaps this time, the key chain is for me to hang it on my bag so I won’t get… lost? I don’t want to use it anyway because I scare it will break or anything bad happens.

This is how he gave it to me.
Not kneeling on the floor nor giving it me by hand.
He knew that once I get it to the car, I straight away look at the mirror. So, he hangs it at the side of the mirror.

Thank you my baby. I love it very muchie! Muaks! Xoxo!

To view my gift to him, kindly click here

Pictures will be upload soon
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