Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Things that we do after Valentine

This is what we do.

I'm thinking of spending him Sushi before he went back for his studies. Sure I’m gonna miss him lots! *Hugs*

We went to Sushi King in City Mall.
The services are good because the foods are non-stop and the train is always full but not the wasabi. Every single tin of Wasabi is empty so I was like “duh… how come?” I think I opened 5 tins and all are empty.

Funny things are when the waiter asks what we want to have for our drinks and I answer him Ocha. Then Aldrich gone blur and keep on looking at the menu to see what Ocha is. Haha. It’s Green Tea my baby… that’s why I love you. Silly guy of mine...

We just took and order 3 dishes.
Picture Below: Salmon Sushi

Picture Below: Wasabiko SushiPicture Below: Baby Octopus SushiPicture Below: Us together (sleepy)

Two days passed….

We went to Tanjung Aru Beach because yesterday I told him that I’m stressed and I wanted to release it but it’s too late to go out that time. It was 10.30pm, am I right?

So, it was his plan for going to the beach. It has been a long long time that I didn’t go to the beach with him. This time, we walk on the cold sand and we read every single word that others had wrote. Some message for their love ones or to our city and country.

It was amazing that I found one message, “I love you Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia forever and ever!” I felt proud to be a Sabahan or Malaysian when I look at it because all of these years, I never seen such a message wrote by the citizens in Sabah. God Bless you!

Want to know some funny part? Short and simple to tell you.
“Aldrich killed a baby crab!”, said Chloe loudly by the seashore.

When I was busy covering the crabs home (to not let him go back) haha! Aldrich wrote something on the sand and I pretend not to see because I know what he going to do. I just let him alone to write without looking at it because I knew he wants to surprise me up and he will feel happy if he successfully surprised me.

This is what he wrote.

Picture Below: Aldrich ChloePicture Below: Baby is taking picture of our namePicture Below: He shot me too!Picture Below: Avocado Juice. Must purchase at No.6 lot.Picture Below: Baby crab

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