Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Abacus Software in Times Square

It’s my very first class to go to the Abacus Software Centre to learn how to make a flight reservation. So, that's mean it is also the first time that I go to KK Times Square. Let me show you how KK Times Square look like!

Picture Below: The Architectural View of the building

Picture Below: The symbol of KK Times Square

For me, it is really a boring class at first but after a while I found it interesting and fun for doing the reservation. Firstly, I was totally blur and don’t know how and what to do. After I run thought the manual that they have provided, I was like “Thanks God!” because they actually stated everything of how to type the entries in the manual. Some more the person, who taught us, Andy, called my name “Chloe! Do you understand?” Makes me awake from day dreaming! Haha~! So, once you go blur, search for your manual!

We had McDonald for lunch as they having the lunch offer now! RM5.95 one set of Mc Chicken, Fillet-O-Fish or Double Cheese Burger! Oh… what else? Of course I chose the Double Cheese because it was the most expensive to compare to others. Some more, I really love the cheddar cheese and the pickles!

Anyway, Aldrich was away from Kota Kinabalu for a while to pack his stuff in Curtin, Miri. Yes, he changed his university to Swin Burne, Kuching. I was thinking whether should I continue my studies at Kuching after I complete my course here? It could be cheaper than I just go to Australia straight away right? God Father asked me as well on last Saturday. I think he read my mind somehow although I didn’t even mention what’s on my mind. Thank you God Father!

Hmm… what more should I say?

Ah…! I have a surprise for my baby!

This is what I done in my flight reservation

+ my personal stuffs.


Read carefully okay? Haha
Picture Below: Abacus Software
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