Thursday, 30 April 2009

A pair of love birds

This few days, the weather is hot.
I felt I wanted to puke always and I have headaches.
So to all my friends, please be careful and take care always. Drink more water and better don't stand under the hot sun.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to talk about.
Meatball saw this first while she is waiting for her friend to fetch her. As she is waiting outside, she have a short walk and stand under the wooden garden.

She looked up the the columns and saw there are two birds there. She thought mum put fake birds as a decoration but suddenly one of the bird moved its head and stared at Meatball. Then Meatball shocked to see a fake bird moves the head. Haha. After that, she only knew its a real bird and its a couple bird.

By that time, I was going to start my cleaning (It's Sunday) and I stand by the piano. Meatball asked me to see the love birds and I took some pictures of them. I think the lady bird is having a baby.. So cute.

Picture Below: Kissing

Picture Below: Cari Kutu! hahha

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Home alone

This afternoon, I am all alone at home.

Parents went out for meetings and sisters went out with their friends and love ones. It's sad that I haven't been out for a week in this short holidays. Not even times for shopping or even for a dinner with my friends or love one but only on Friday I went out the most with Aldrich's siblings.
Nobody asked.
Just my kero asked but I couldn't make it this 1 May

Well, been thinking lots these days.
Thinking about how did I do in my exams and how is everything going on. Been thinking about my weight too.

I am 65kg but I don't really look like 65kg.
People who are 65kg are... (not to mention) but I saw it through the magazine, it's really different from my physical view of size. Due to my bones, muscles and my height makes my weight gone high. Huh...

What a sad story.
With all my meals and my daily routine exercise,
I found out that my weight suppose to be 45kg to 55kg.
So, what can I say?
I have to work harder.

Anyway, this is my lunch for today.
Since dad bought breads this morning and I found out there are some bananas on the microwave. I took it and make something different just to try it on.

I make a toast and spread on peanut butter then cut the banana into pieces. I know it's a little bit gross because not everyone done this before either to I.

Since you are home alone, why don't try on something new, right?

Picture Below: Peanut Butter Banana Toast

Friday, 24 April 2009

Bella Italia, Jesselton Hotel

Good..... evening everyone!
Tonight, let me introduce

When Chloe become MC huh?

Now, I have been to this restaurant for two times.
The first time, I am with Aldrich and we couldn't think of anything and where else to eat. As, we walk along the city street, we saw this and we had a satisfied dinner with 50% off on pastas and pizzas.

To see the pictures that I took while I'm with Aldrich that time, kindly click here.

Anyway, here's another story of that.
This is the second time that I had my dinner in Bella Italia. Mum and Dad was in KL, meatball and her boyfriend brought me there.

It is a nice restaurant that located in the Jesselton Hotel. With different kinds of decoration in each and every rooms. You will love it when you get there for sure.
Picture Below: The restaurant's environmentPicture Below: This is beautiful?Picture Below: English LampsPicture Below: Table Folk and KnifePicture Below: BruchettaPicture Below: Pasta with BrinjalPicture Below: Pizza with Pepperoni and Olives

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Little Italy

This is the one restaurant which you can't found anywhere else except Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia aka Borneo. Wow! What a long name haha.
So, to know is place is really simple. It is at Capital Hotel and opposite of Merdeka shopping mall. Slighty small restaurant with open air section as well. Hard to find parking but you really wanna eat. Place are kinda noisy but its fun to talk by shouting. Dishes are all recipe of themselves.

Foreigners from the Western also prefer our little italy although they can have it in their country. Why is that? Little Italy's dishes have the scent that they never tried before in meals I mean, the ingredients as well. For Malaysian, you will find out what is that. So, what is that? Find it yourself by trying out!

5 star for that! Believe me. You eat once, you wanna eat twice. For those who never tried, COME and feel the little Italy in Kota Kinabalu!

Picture Below: Seafood Soup

Picture Below: BruchettaPicture Below: LagsanaPicture Below: Garlic Bread (Spread it yourself)Picture Below: Another LagsanaPicture Below: Inside of it

Picture Below: RaviolliPicture Below: Garden Salad (Bad Picture I know)Picture Below: Tiramisu (Greatest cake)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Jeff D' Corner

Hia Everyone!
Currently, I'm still having my flu and I have a reddish Rudolph nose. Haha. Been sneeze a lot but I visited the doctor today and he gave me 5 different kinds of medicine.

Anyway, here I would like to talk about the restaurant that I explored last few months. Haha. I know it's kind of late that I update this but here I tell you what.

Jenette is that one who told me about this restaurant and I told Aldrich about it. Then we decided to go over. The restaurant is located at the cross road of Lintas, Kolombong, Luyang and the road where links to Bukit Padang. The junction to the restaurant is the small junction that link to Beverly Hills.

The cost of these dishes are not more than RM20.
So what you say? It's worth, affordable, nice and delicious!

Picture Below: Folk and Spoon of Baby and Me
Picture Below: Mix GrilledPicture Below: Second view of itPicture Below: Issit yummy?Picture Below: Burger

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Kampung Nelayan

Hia Everyone! How’s your day today?
I’m still having flu here and it just getting worst because yesterday I didn’t sneeze and now, yeah I sneeze badly.

So in this post, I’m going to update about a dinner with my mother’s friend that came from Kuala Lumpur.

Mum decided to bring them (mum’s friend) to Kampung Nelayan, Kota Kinabalu. Well, you can find cultural dances in this place while you having your delicious dinner. The management performs all kind of dances from different culture in Sabah. As you know, there are more than 30 cultures in Sabah.

To get to this place, it is further up to the round about and go straight then comes Bukit Padang on your right side and the church on your left side. When you saw a big shrimp neon lights there, I don't think it's blinking, that's the place. This area is highly known as a jogging place.

Foods are mainly serves on seafood and Sabah vegetables. Why? It’s an idea for the place name! Kampung Nelayan is the name of the restaurant. By its “Kampung” is Village, “Nelayan” is Fisherman. So, Kampung Nelayan = Fisherman Village. Haha.

Anyway, don’t be afraid when the dancers invite you up to the stage. They will teach you how to dance the cultural dances in no time and you gain the knowledge! I did it as well and that is my first time. Manage to dance until the song finished. The song is played by the other dancers using a bamboo. You will know it when you reach there for sure.

Picture Below: The EnvironmentPicture Below: Lamps made from shellsPicture Below: Cultural DancesPicture Below: Bamboo dancesPicture Below: Murut Culture DancesPicture Below: Inviting tourist to dance (I'm up there)Picture Below: Taught by them (I'm without shoes)Picture Below: Jumping here and therePicture Below: Continue dance like them (Haha)Picture Below: Seafood soupPicture Below: CrabsPicture Below: FishPicture Below: Fish meat (want some?)

Oh ya. I forgot to mention..

This are all halal. So, everyone can eat and all you can eat!

Here I include videos so, enjoy!

Monday, 20 April 2009

My brother of all time

This is dedicated to a person name, Norman Voo.
He went to Kuala Lumpur to have this further studies in Taylor.
Norman and I knew each other since we are in Form 1.
My first impression on him is that, he is a person who is with red big face haha. He was known as my body guard during our secondary in S.M. All Saints.
He was taking care of me whenever I go or in the school area to prevent people bully me. If there is someone who talks louder than I am or talk bad words or rude words to me, he will appear in no time like SUPERMAN, if I just shout or say a word... "Kor.."
Funny huh?
From a person who barely know you and within one or two weeks to be your brother and these have been continue until today and I believe our brother and sister relationship will continue forever.
Although we didn't go out everyday like others, but out heart as a brother and sister remains. You see, I really didn't go out often with my friends but they stays in my heart always and forever. Talking about our relatioship with our love ones, family and friends, anything about life we will talk and we seldom talk about nonsense because I can't make jokes.
He ever told me that some of his friends are not true friends.
Which whenever he need them, they didn't appear or didn't care or find him at all. He told me that I'm different from others. I appreciate that word and I don't want to be like the others. I will remember those things you told me, Norman.
Anyway, I'm happy that Norman further his studies.
At least his mother won't complain anymore haha.
I remembered few years ago, His mum, Norman and Me was in the car and his mum said...
"Norman ahh.. guys have to work hard to take care their wife.. bla bla bla, right Alison?"
"She's not Alison la mum.. Who is Alison oh? She is Mei Tchuin la..
So, aunt.. Norman continue his life now to be successful.
Don't worry about him!
His mum is fun and cool. She is friendly and I love her fat dog. We played webcam before while Natalia was talking with me.
Anyway, here is his present that I gave him.
I decided to buy him this because he is studying Hotel Management. So, this could be useful!
Picture Below: Kitchen UsePicture Below: Putting inPicture Below: Tadaa!

Although we just have a short talk in my garden (because you are late and I'm tired) Haha. We had fun. Your friends really 38 haha! See you when you back and bring some goods for me then! LOL

Chloe is back again

Hia everyone!
Good to blog again.... haha.
I had been too busy in my college, assignments, presentations, tests and examinations and now I'm in a short semester break.

I would like to say sorry to all of you for my late replies and so on. It's been 2 to 3 weeks that I neglected my blog and I didn't even have the time to look at the chat box as well. The comments I received, I just approved without replying and I'm going to check on that later.

Hmm.... I know some of you like CrazyWrazy, Via, Lisa, Amy, HP, David, and who? (Sorry for not remembering). I know these guys keep on viewing me but I'm so sorry that I didn't manage to reply any of you but I did it just now before I go for a road trip to Kundasang. Haha. But how come I didn't get any messages from the couples? SabahKing and JuneJune, and lot! Kinda miss you guys now and I'm gonna check on you all sooner or later! Perhaps some of them also busy with some other things right? That's why didn't visit.. but I hope you all will still take care yourself.

I am managing two blogs of mine now and since there are examinations last week and I was busy updating the other blog for doing revisions or studies with or to all my classmates. If you want to have a visit to my second blog, you may click my profile to find out or kindly click here and thanks for viewing!

See, I will update all my posts here which I haven't update within the past few weeks and I have two weeks to do that before school reopens and all the headaches for me will come right back again up to my nerves! Now, I'm sick with flu and soar throat and I'm working on it. Not going to take pills for recover myself because I want my antibody to fight it. Don't really depend on drugs actually.

I have lots to update including the foods that I took in all kind of places, visiting Weston for half day trip with my family, my God brother went to KL for further studies and I bought him a lovely present, my trip to Tabin Wildlife Reserve which I promised to update a long long time ago, activity such as BBQ beach party of my classmates after exams which is last week, and so on. The latest would be my short road trip to Pekan Nabalu and Kundasang. I really have lots of pictures waiting for me to update and I have lots to tell you all! Haha!
Hope you all will love it and enjoy reading!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Dinner with Zul

Hi everyone!
I felt lazy and ... I don't know..
The weather cause it!
Felt dizzy, headache, vomit, .. but I didn't vomit of course. Just felt like wanna to.

I just finished my dinner and have a long chit chat with my classmate, Zul.

We decided to go Jeff D' Corner because last week I did mention about Jeff D'Corner in my blog right? I gave the direction to that restaurant but Zul don't understand which is the place I'm giving the direction (maybe not just him who blur. haha). So, its a good idea to go there and let him know where.

Once he knew, its really easy to go! Right Zul?

Who spend this dinner?
He did.

During exams week, he said that if he get clear pass in last semester examination, he will spend me a dinner. Then, he really get clear pass! I know he really mean it to spend this dinner haha. So I just say anytime anywhere just eat!

Why he get clear pass and he have to spend me?
Due to the reason that I taught some of the students who need help by using another blog. If you all wanna see the another blog, you may click here.

Now, for the dinner, he ordered Grilled Chicken Chop and I ordered Lamb Chop. I only show the Grilled Chicken Chop ya? Haha.

Picture Below: Grilled Chicken Chop (RM11.00)

Thank you Zul! Yummy Yummy!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hong Kong Actor and Actress

Wow... Guess who I saw?

These days Hong Kong actress and actresses are coming in and out to Sabah for shooting their latest movie.

Well, is not only that I saw Aaron Kwok but I also saw Lo Jia Liang (in chinese). Both of them are leng zai and their skin complexes are nice. Wow... And more, I heard people said that Aaron's best friend Chi Lam also here but I didn't see him yet. Maybe will. Loll.

Now, first thing first!
I saw Lo Jia Liang at first on Sunday where we have to prepare for trip in somewhere between Beaufort and Sipitang. (I will post up some pictures of the trip. No Worries!)

That time, Lo Jia Liang aka Gallen was having a scene shoot at the Signal Hill where it is a tourist destination to see our beautiful land of Kota Kinabalu. Plus the lady actress are doing the scene with him. Cool and simple outfit. Loving it!

Second, is Aaron Kwok in Starbucks.
Well, it’s not a shooting scene but he is having his lunch.
Wearing hot sexy orange short pant and I'm surprised to see that he has a beautiful leg. Well cared and I'm so envy about them! Loll...

More to say, there's a office lady which is big size than Aaron Kwok. You know what she do? It's totally in-manners that she bow down (standing) and ask Aaron which he is still on his seat and enjoying his lunch. Totally humiliates people of Sabah!

Third, it was just a sms.
From my friend that he told me Aaron and Chi Lam are having their dinner at a Korean Restaurant in Lintas. Woooo~