Monday, 20 April 2009


My brother of all time

This is dedicated to a person name, Norman Voo.
He went to Kuala Lumpur to have this further studies in Taylor.
Norman and I knew each other since we are in Form 1.
My first impression on him is that, he is a person who is with red big face haha. He was known as my body guard during our secondary in S.M. All Saints.
He was taking care of me whenever I go or in the school area to prevent people bully me. If there is someone who talks louder than I am or talk bad words or rude words to me, he will appear in no time like SUPERMAN, if I just shout or say a word... "Kor.."
Funny huh?
From a person who barely know you and within one or two weeks to be your brother and these have been continue until today and I believe our brother and sister relationship will continue forever.
Although we didn't go out everyday like others, but out heart as a brother and sister remains. You see, I really didn't go out often with my friends but they stays in my heart always and forever. Talking about our relatioship with our love ones, family and friends, anything about life we will talk and we seldom talk about nonsense because I can't make jokes.
He ever told me that some of his friends are not true friends.
Which whenever he need them, they didn't appear or didn't care or find him at all. He told me that I'm different from others. I appreciate that word and I don't want to be like the others. I will remember those things you told me, Norman.
Anyway, I'm happy that Norman further his studies.
At least his mother won't complain anymore haha.
I remembered few years ago, His mum, Norman and Me was in the car and his mum said...
"Norman ahh.. guys have to work hard to take care their wife.. bla bla bla, right Alison?"
"She's not Alison la mum.. Who is Alison oh? She is Mei Tchuin la..
So, aunt.. Norman continue his life now to be successful.
Don't worry about him!
His mum is fun and cool. She is friendly and I love her fat dog. We played webcam before while Natalia was talking with me.
Anyway, here is his present that I gave him.
I decided to buy him this because he is studying Hotel Management. So, this could be useful!
Picture Below: Kitchen UsePicture Below: Putting inPicture Below: Tadaa!

Although we just have a short talk in my garden (because you are late and I'm tired) Haha. We had fun. Your friends really 38 haha! See you when you back and bring some goods for me then! LOL
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