Friday, 28 December 2007


I'm Sad? Disappointed? Don't know..

Hi all..

Things happening surrounding us right? Mine? House Problem for now..
My House in Kuala Lumpur of course.. With my housemates.. am i happy?
I don't know..
At First, we were so sweet together.. although we had quarrel but it was just a laughter to us after that happens.. but now?
Sometimes, I really not talking about you and why can't you understand and figure it out? Open your heart and mind what i was trying to do can you, please? I really wanna talk to you.. I can't shut my mouth and didn't talk to you.. I'm sad not happy about it. I hope to talk to you but i was afraid and wondering how will you react when the time I talk to you..
Will you face to another place? Will you talk to me rudely?
I wanted to say sorry to you and I tired.. but you closed my conversation..
Actually both of us have wrong that time before my birthday.. I admit it now that i shouldn't shout at you that time.. Sorry..

Now.. How about you?

I still expect my birthday wish from you till today.. Did you know?
All I wanted just a birthday wish from you.. I didn't expect to have a fight with you ever.. I never..

You know.. I very sayang you all.. The girls and the boys..
Think back on your birthday, No matter how i gonna buy it and what time it was..
But the day we quarrel.. I heard you talking with the girls..
They say I bought cake for you and present.. then you answer them 'issit I have to give it back to Chloe?' I was so sad.. Do you know what are you answering?
The present is for you..
Hope you know what I was trying to say..
I really hope you can read this now.. I don't know whether will you open my blog or will you see my web address in msn and click on it.. I don't know.. Nobody will know.. Only you will..

Thinking back all the memories.. We really are good friends before.. Now?

Before, We can even talk to each other always no matter where, what, when or how.. Now?

We even buy cake for supper.. and that's a promised to us.. All of us.. Best friends Cake..

I miss those days.. Don't you?
I miss the laughter that we all have..

Don't you?
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