Friday, 3 April 2009


Dinner with Zul

Hi everyone!
I felt lazy and ... I don't know..
The weather cause it!
Felt dizzy, headache, vomit, .. but I didn't vomit of course. Just felt like wanna to.

I just finished my dinner and have a long chit chat with my classmate, Zul.

We decided to go Jeff D' Corner because last week I did mention about Jeff D'Corner in my blog right? I gave the direction to that restaurant but Zul don't understand which is the place I'm giving the direction (maybe not just him who blur. haha). So, its a good idea to go there and let him know where.

Once he knew, its really easy to go! Right Zul?

Who spend this dinner?
He did.

During exams week, he said that if he get clear pass in last semester examination, he will spend me a dinner. Then, he really get clear pass! I know he really mean it to spend this dinner haha. So I just say anytime anywhere just eat!

Why he get clear pass and he have to spend me?
Due to the reason that I taught some of the students who need help by using another blog. If you all wanna see the another blog, you may click here.

Now, for the dinner, he ordered Grilled Chicken Chop and I ordered Lamb Chop. I only show the Grilled Chicken Chop ya? Haha.

Picture Below: Grilled Chicken Chop (RM11.00)

Thank you Zul! Yummy Yummy!!

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