Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Kampung Nelayan

Hia Everyone! How’s your day today?
I’m still having flu here and it just getting worst because yesterday I didn’t sneeze and now, yeah I sneeze badly.

So in this post, I’m going to update about a dinner with my mother’s friend that came from Kuala Lumpur.

Mum decided to bring them (mum’s friend) to Kampung Nelayan, Kota Kinabalu. Well, you can find cultural dances in this place while you having your delicious dinner. The management performs all kind of dances from different culture in Sabah. As you know, there are more than 30 cultures in Sabah.

To get to this place, it is further up to the round about and go straight then comes Bukit Padang on your right side and the church on your left side. When you saw a big shrimp neon lights there, I don't think it's blinking, that's the place. This area is highly known as a jogging place.

Foods are mainly serves on seafood and Sabah vegetables. Why? It’s an idea for the place name! Kampung Nelayan is the name of the restaurant. By its “Kampung” is Village, “Nelayan” is Fisherman. So, Kampung Nelayan = Fisherman Village. Haha.

Anyway, don’t be afraid when the dancers invite you up to the stage. They will teach you how to dance the cultural dances in no time and you gain the knowledge! I did it as well and that is my first time. Manage to dance until the song finished. The song is played by the other dancers using a bamboo. You will know it when you reach there for sure.

Picture Below: The EnvironmentPicture Below: Lamps made from shellsPicture Below: Cultural DancesPicture Below: Bamboo dancesPicture Below: Murut Culture DancesPicture Below: Inviting tourist to dance (I'm up there)Picture Below: Taught by them (I'm without shoes)Picture Below: Jumping here and therePicture Below: Continue dance like them (Haha)Picture Below: Seafood soupPicture Below: CrabsPicture Below: FishPicture Below: Fish meat (want some?)

Oh ya. I forgot to mention..

This are all halal. So, everyone can eat and all you can eat!

Here I include videos so, enjoy!

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